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Holiday Schedule ~ We will be closed for Christmas from December 24 through the 26th, returning on December 27 & 28th.  We will be closed for New Year's from December 31 through January 2, returning on January 3.  Even though we're closed for break, you could still order services and products! We'll respond upon our return. There will be no emergency email readings from December 20 through January 3. Please order regular service for that time.   Orders received on December 20 or later may be scheduled for December 27 or 28th, depending on our schedule the week of the 17th.  This includes orders received over break which may be scheduled on December 27 or 28th OR after January 2, depending on our schedule.  If we're working on a spell for you -  Spell series will continue as usual, except on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  The series will resume on the 26th.  Questions? Please contact us! Thank you for your friendship and your business!  Merry Chris

Emergency Readings

Friends, There will be no emergency email readings the rest of this week. Emergency Readings will resume December 17. In the meantime, please order regular email reading service. Thank you!