09 November 2015

Emergency Readings


There will be no emergency email readings this week.  We will perform readings on regular service.

Emergency email readings will resume November 30.

Thank you!

01 November 2015

Brief Announcements ~

Friends ~
There will be no Magickal Correspondences for this week since we're still extremely busy tying up loose ends from Samhain. The Magickal Correspondences will resume the week of the 23rd.
Also, if we we owe you something from October - either a spell kit, spell candle, or proof of spell casting, please read on.
We consecrated all spell kits and created proof of casting (if requested) during your spell casting process. The Samhain Year-Round Spell Candles were made on Halloween day and consecrated Halloween night. Everything is ready to go. The spell kits and candles will be packed over the next two days and shipped over the following three-day period. Please expect to receive them next week or the week after, depending upon where you live. If you're out of the country, it may take longer for your items to clear Custom. If you requested free proof of spell casting, your video, audio, and/or pictures will be sent when Customer Care has time among their other duties. Since October is our busiest month, there are many more videos, audio, and pictures than usual for them to sort through. Your patience is appreciated.
Lastly, there will be super inexpensive, unique specials posted for the four-day weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Reminders to follow.
Thank you! Many Blessings & Good Night!

25 October 2015

Magickal Correspondence For The Week Of October 25

Moonlight Enchantments is celebrating three birthdays this week.
Elizabeth's birthday, Autumn Mist's birthday, and the 10th Anniversary of the official start of MoonlightEnchantments.com (although we've been online in a business capacity since January 17, 2005).  

Enjoy The Week ~ 

Sunday, October 25 ~
Waxing Moon, Second Quarter  
Color: Gold
Gem/Stone: Unakite
Moon Sign:  Pisces, Entering Aries at 2:22 a.m. EST
Incense: Margoram
Intention: Honoring Lost Pets
Tarot: Four of Cups
Numbers: 38 & 87
Sabbat/Holiday: St. Crispin's Day (Catholic/Christian)


Monday, October 26 ~
Waxing Moon In The Second Quarter
Color: Gray
Gem/Stone: Milk Quartz
Moon Sign: Aries
Incense: Marigold
Intention: To Honor Our Grandfathers
Tarot:  The Emperor
Numbers:  29 & 49
Sabbat/Holiday: Quit Rent Ceremony (English)


Tuesday, October 27 ~
Waxing Moon, Full Moon 8:05 a.m. EST 
Color: Red
Gem/Stone: Garnet
Moon Sign: Ares, Entering Taurus at 2:07 a.m. EST
Incense: Marjoram (again)
Intention: Full & Complete Power Over Your Life
Tarot: Queen of Cups
Numbers: 18 & 27
Sabbat/Holiday: Feast of The Holy Souls (Catholic/Christian)


Wednesday, October 28  ~
Waning Moon In The Third Quarter
Color: Topez
Gem/Stone: Quartz Wand
Moon Sign: Taurus
Incense: Cinnamon
Intention: To Honor Your Grandmothers
Tarot: The Empress
Numbers: 25 & 50
Sabbat/Holiday: Ochi Day (Greek)


Thursday, October 29 ~
Waning Moon In The Third Quarter
Color: Crimson
Gem/Stone: Optical Calcite
Moon Sign: Taurus, Entering Gemini at 2:24 a.m. EST
Incense: Balsam
Intention: Honoring Our Parents
Tarot: The Magician
Numbers: 11 & 52
Sabbat/Holiday: Feast of The Dead  


Friday, October 30 ~
Waning Moon In The Third Quarter
Color: White
Gem/Stone: Blue Tiger's Eye
Moon Sign:  Gemini
Incense: Yarrow
Intention: Honoring Our Children
Tarot:  Three of Cups
Numbers: 9 & 66 
Sabbat/Holiday:  Long Live The King (Europe)


Saturday, October 31 ~
Waning Moon In The Third Quarter
Color: Brown
Gem/Stone: Red Pearl
Incense: Pine
Intention: Transition, Change, Honoring Ancestors, & New Beginnings
Tarot: Death
Numbers: 3 & 11
Sabbat/Holiday: Samhain (Celtic/Pagan)

22 October 2015

One Slot Remaining ~ Super Love

ONE slot left.  It must be ordered on or before Saturday so we have time to prepare.

Secret Halloween Love Dance® Spell Package

Carries 100 percent more power than a normal spell!  Cast on Samhain, this electrically charged, ultra power love spell is one of our super-power love spells with a secret twist.  It's above and beyond any love spell offered at any time of the year!   It's relentlessly magnified with Divine universal power!  We could
address ANY and ALL issues concerning love.  Nothing is off limits during Samhain!  This is specifically designed for multiple requests with several complicated obstacles for fast, permanent results!  Consecrated and performed by Autumn Mist.

Along with the professional spell series, you will receive a  Deluxe Secret Halloween Love Dance Kit to be used on Halloween Night, Lace Parchment Spell & Instructions, a Flash Psychic Email Reading upon request, and PROOF of Spell Casting option by Video, audio or Digital Pictures at NO extra charge & financial breakdown option of funds.  Only five slots available (one is remaining) on a first come, first serve basis!  Series Ends on Samhain For The Highest Power.

Orders must be taken on or before October 24.
Please order under the Spell section, here ~ http://www.moonlightenchantments.com/Halloween.html

We've Added Three More Due To Demand!  Out of those three, one is remaining.

Super Power Special Three-Wish Halloween Spell Package
This spell works on building excessive, strong energy levels towards three personal goals.  We will create three entwined power wish spells for you for Halloween night.  Within one week, we will send you a magickal package by postal mail along with instructions.  No two packages are the same.  This is a very
personal process.  You will have three, easy-to-do tasks to perform to release the magick.  After proceeding with your tasks, one by one, your wishes should be granted.  The wishes could be unrelated but all must be for you.  In other words, you could wish for career, wealth and love, but it must be for your own personal career, wealth and love and not on behalf of another.  Unlock the magical door with these endless possibilities!  Please order under the Spell section, here ~ http://www.moonlightenchantments.com/Halloween.html

Two Slots Left!

Special Rate Live Chilly Chat Online Readings
October 29 - 30 Minutes with Autumn Mist for $150
There are TWO slots still open for this day!
If you're interested, please order here (second down) ~

17 October 2015

In Your Dreams . . .

A Door ~

If you enter a door in your dream, beware!  This suggests that slander and enemies will follow.  If you close the door after you walk through it, you will stop them in their tracks.  If you dream of entering your childhood home, money, luck, and success are in your future.  If other people (especially strangers) are entering a doorway, this denotes unorganization and chaos in your personal life.  If one stranger enters, this means that the political environment will come to a change within a year.  If you're a writer (author) and you see yourself or someoneone else entering a door, it could mean the loss of fans.  If you dream a door falls off of its hinges, this means injury to someone close to you.  If you see someone trying to lock a door but the lock fails, it means that person or (if it's a stranger) someone close to you will experience heartbreak and misfortune.  If you successfully lock a door in your dream, success, health, and good luck are yours for the taking.

For a full dream reading (live chat, video, or email), please visit ~

Chocolate Chip Cookies From Scratch

These are the best cookies ever!  We made them last week, and they're fantastic! 

From The Rock - Dwayne Johnson (Can You Take The Heat WWE Wresting Cookbook) ~


1 cup unsalted butter
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2 cups flour
1 tablespoon vanilla
2 1/2 cups oatmeal, blended to a fine powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/2 cups chocolate chips
1/2 ounce Hershey bar, grated
1/2 walnuts or pecans

Preheat oven to 375.  Cream the butter and mix granulated sugar and brown sugar.  Stir in the eggs and vanilla.  Blend in flour, oatmeal, salt, and baking powder.  Add chocolate chips, grated chocolate, and nuts. Roll dough into 1 inch balls and place 2 inches apart on greased cookie sheet.  Bake 10 minutes or until brown.  Makes 4 to 5 dozen.

NOTE:  This recipe is available online and through hard copy versions of the WWE cookbook.  Moonlight Enchantments does NOT hold copyright to this recipe nor are we claiming it is our own. Further, we are NOT using this recipe for profit.  We are simply sharing it on our blog since it's the best cookie recipe ever and giving full credit to Dwayne Johnson and the cookbook, Can You Take The Heat by WWE.  There are MANY great recipes in that book!

Enjoy the cookies!  (And trust me, you will!)

Magickal Correspondences For The Week Of October 18

Sunday, October 18~
Waxing Moon, First Quarter  
Color: Orange
Gem/Stone: Dragon's Blood
Moon Sign:  Sagittarius, Entering Capricorn at 2:52 p.m. EST
Incense: Frankincense
Intention: Family Harmony
Tarot: Three of Cups
Numbers: 8 & 21
Sabbat/Holiday: Brooklyn BBQ (New York)


Monday, October 19 ~
Waxing Moon In The Second Quarter
Color: Lavender
Gem/Stone: Amethyst 
Moon Sign: Capricorn
Incense: Rosemary
Intention: To Draw Money
Tarot:  Nine of Pentacles
Numbers:  16 & 44
Sabbat/Holiday: Our Ladie of Miracles Procession (Peruvian/Catholic)


Tuesday, October 20 ~
Waxing Moon In The Second Quarter
Color: White
Gem/Stone: Diamond
Moon Sign: Capricorn, Entering Aquarius at 9:38 p.m. EST
Incense: Geranuium
Intention:  Promotion/Better Job
Tarot: King Of Pentacles
Numbers: 4 & 27
Sabbat/Holiday: Colchester Oyster Feast


Wednesday, October 21  ~
Waxing Moon In The Second Quarter
Color: White (Second Day)
Gem/Stone: Diamond (Second Day)
Moon Sign: Acquarius
Incense: Lilac
Intention: To Improve a Relationship or Marriage
Tarot: The Empress
Numbers: 27 & 53 
Sabbat/Holiday: Feast of The Black Christ (Phillipines/Catholic) 


Thursday, October 22 ~
Waxing Moon In The Second Quarter
Color: Turquoise
Gem/Stone: Geodes
Moon Sign: Aquarius
Incense: Lavender
Intention:  Drawing True Friendships
Tarot: The Sun
Numbers: 13 & 32
Sabbat/Holiday: Goddess of Mercy Day (Chinese)  


Friday, October 23 ~
Waxing Moon In The Second Quarter
Color: Pink 
Gem/Stone: Black Opal
Moon Sign:  Aquarius, Enters Pisces at 1:18 a.m. EST
Sun Enters Scorpio at 1:47 p.m. EST 
Incense: Mulberry
Intention: Truth
Tarot:  The Star
Numbers: 9 & 88 
Sabbat/Holiday:  Revolution Day (Hungary)


Saturday, October 24 ~
Waxing Moon In The Second Quarter
Color: Gray
Gem/Stone: White Pearl
Incense: Rose
Intention:  Change
Tarot: Death
Numbers: 0 & 2
Sabbat/Holiday: United Nations Day