29 September 2013

Divine Word Tarot & Book Set

A Must Have For Tarot Readers & Collectors!  It is
One-of-a-Kind!  No Other Like It!

Divine Word Christian Tarot is an exclusive, unique Christian
Major Arcana creation by world-renowned psychic, author &
artist, Nicoletta Sloan.

Divine Word will be released through Amazon, Amazon UK, New
Millennium, Barnes & Noble as well as bookstores on October 29.  
However, you could pre-order an autograph copy of this intriguing
deck and book set directly through us!

The deck is consists of 22 durable, fully laminated, over-sized
cards so you may clearly read each beautiful word.  The book is
over 23,000 words.  Each card is fully described in the book along
with the History of the Tarot, Tarot Spells, Unique Tarot Spreads,
Tarot Time Frames, Correspondences and a Bright, Refreshing
Perspective on Christian Spirituality.

Divine Word Christian Tarot & Book Set
© Nicoletta Sloan. All Rights Reserved.
© 2005 - 2014 Moonlight Enchantments LLC
ISBN: 978-1-937156-27-5

For Ordering Info & The Author/Artist's Bio, Please Click Here:
Divine Word Tarot & Book Set

You could also have a tarot reading with Nicoletta!
A Reading With Nicoletta


Twin Flame Love Readings

My Twin Flame Love Readings are certified authentic!

Twin Flame Love Readings are performed with a Spiritual Consulting Email
Session for your Twin Flame.
Angel guides whisper in my ear and images appear through a secret, family
tool with astounding sight and accuracy!

A flame of love that never burns out . . .
Throughout the centuries . . .

That is your Twin Flame Soul Mate.

Do you feel an ache in your heart for a shadowy face that you've only seen in
dreams? Can you feel the presence of someone you've never laid eyes upon?

A Twin Flame Soul Mate is the only one to which your hearts beat to the
same rhythm . . . Your souls are connected through a thin silver magical
cord of love and passion . . .

You're on the same cosmic vibration . . .
And you were the same soul before birth!

Fantastic intimacy, love, laughter and complete lifetime happiness with two
flames that burn as one into infinity.

You may never feel complete until this earthly connection is made.

We have soul connections with many people and this is how we're able to
have successful relationships and friendships with people other than our twin
flame.  However, we have only one twin flame soul mate.  There is the one
person who is perfect in every way for us.  One person with whom we could
have the perfect relationship.  One person who shared the same soul before
birth . . . Before it was torn in half to occupy two separate bodies.  Your
reading will give you accurate insight into all aspects of who that person
truly is.

I see clear images of the person and things pertaining to his/her life during
these readings.
I could give you exact, in-depth details of this person's background/history,
career, place of residence, current situation, age, full physical description,
religion, ethnicity, style of dress, personality, character, hobbies and even a
first and last name.  I will also tell you of the next three opportunities you
will have to meet this person
if you haven't already.

And then I check and recheck the details of what I'm seeing to make sure
it's correct.  The current technique used is 95 percent accurate. It has been
passed down in my family for generations.   The person who I will show you
exists.  This person (no matter what your age, race, religion, thoughts or
beliefs) is the right person for you.  This is the person whom you would
instantly fall in love with, couldn’t resist sexually and has the same feelings
in return for you.  This is the person whom you would be able to enjoy a
perfect relationship.

To date, counting only verifiable feedback of my Twin Flame Love
Readings, I have been accurate, down to the smallest descriptive detail, even
first and last names, with 95 percent of my readings.

I offer Twin Flame Finding Love Enchantments as well.
Ask if you're interested!

I charge $300 for High Quality, Intense, Intricate Twin Flame Love
Readings by email.  
Due to the time, energy and accuracy involved, I must charge accordingly!

I need your full name, date of birth and general geographic location. I also
prefer a picture if possible.  Although it's not necessary to read, it aids in the
initial connection.  I also welcome three questions you may have about your
Twin Flame.  However, please don't ask what is described above in white.  
That information is included with the reading.  Ask unique questions.  If
you ask something that will already be covered, I'll send your questions back
for revision so you don't lose the opportunity to ask something else.

The reading, itself, takes 72 hours to complete plus typing time.  Usual turn
around time is five to seven days business days from hire, depending upon
how many bookings are ahead of yours.  I will let you know when to expect
your results after you order.

Consultations and readings are done by email in which I present you with
complete, intricate and shocking details and answer each and every question
you may have about your Twin!  
No scripts EVER!
Every reading performed from scratch and totals approximately 3,000 words
in length!



October Super Magic

October is the ultimate super power month, the absolute most
powerful time of the year. During this month, we can hear nature
whispering by the cool, crisp wind. Any magick we perform
during October is naturally triple powered so results are extremely
fast with enormous energy.  

Any readings performed during October are crystal clear and extremely accurate.  We welcome the spiritual world to meet with our own as the veil between the realms is the thinnest.

Some services have limited space so if you're interested, please order soon! Slots fill quickly!
So as you embrace this dark autumn night, I invite you to browse our October page to read about our incredible, super-charged Specials
fromMoonlight Enchantments at the most magickal time of the

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