19 April 2018

Emergency Readings

Friends ~

Christian Santini will be performing the emergency readings Friday and over the weekend.

He's VERY qualified.  You could read about him on the website.

If you prefer Autumn to perform your reading, we will schedule you for the week of the 23rd.

Thank you!!  Have a great weekend!

16 April 2018

Infinite Power Beltane/Midsummer Specials

Magick is in the Air and Extreme Power is Upon Us!  

There are SO many special listed this year.  Please browse them all!  

Feel free to order in advance as we book quickly.


12 April 2018

Emergency Readings

Friends ~

There are no emergency readings, live or email, on April 13 or over the weekend of April 14 & 15.

Please order regular service at that time. 

Emergency Readings will resume on April 16. 

Thank you!  Have a great weekend.


19 March 2018

Easter Schedule

Friends ~

We will be off five days, Thursday, March 29, through Monday, April 2, for Easter break. 

There will be no emergency readings from Monday, March 26, until Tuesday, April 3.  Please order regular service during that time.

Thank you!!

16 March 2018

Weekend Emergency Readings

For this weekend (March 17 & 18), emergency readings will be performed by Jarle Olsen.

Thank you!


The first issue of DUST is out!  

For ordering info or to learn more, 

please click here:  DUST

Bloo Moon Antiques Update!

Friends ~

We've updated Bloo Moon Antiques. We've lowered 
prices on some items, and we've added more items!  
Special offer for loyal customers:  

Saint Patrick's Day Special! 10 percent off 
total order at Bloo Moon through March 17!  Sale 
ends at Midnight EST.  Email us for the discount!

25 February 2018

Emergency Readings & DUST Zine

Friends ~

There are no emergency readings this week.  Emergency Readings will resume on March 5. Until then, please order regular service. Customer Care will let you know when to expect the results.

If you ordered DUST Literary Zine, it'll be shipped out this week. 

Questions?  Please contact us.

Thank you!!

25 January 2018