11 October 2017


We've been receiving quite a few inquiries about DUST Literary Magazine which will be launched some time this winter.

Here's a link with information ~


To sum it up, the magazine will be in zine format (casual, rustic) with many artistic touches such as hand-lettering and hand-drawn art.  But it IS a literary magazine so the WORD is the main focus.  :)

The major themes are ~

Modern Magick - Covering different methods of divination, spell casting, potions, familiars, traditions, high & low magick, symbolism, dreams, etc.  Everything and anything related to the magick we practice today.

Spirituality & Religion - This will mostly cover Christianity, Christian Spirituality, Christian Magick,  Native Religions of  Europe (Historic), Modern European Paganism, Pagan Magick, history relating to both Christianity and European Paganism, and building a bridge between the two religions.

Folklore - American, Canadian, & European lore, folk magick, customs, traditions, legends, supernatural creatures, mystical animals, etc.  

Dark Love & Romance - Articles, essays, and stories relating to happy love, sad love, dark love, and deep romance.  

Fiction - Mostly dark fantasy, with some romance, steampunk, and a little bit of sci-fi.  We will publish both short stories and series. 

Poetry - Mostly dark narrative poetry.  

These are the major themes, and there will be minor themes, too.  :) 

We will also have entire issues devoted to a theme - such as magickal weight loss, children's fun, poetry only, love & romance only, a chunky short story, and so on.  However, most issues will be a balance of topics.  

The magazine will be distributed in both print and digital forms but we're starting with print.  Digital will come later in the year.   We will ship worldwide. 

We will be accepting advertisers and submissions.  Though we're not dependent on either since our main focus will be pleasing our readers with original content (and we have A LOT of it).    :)  

More information will be available January 2018 at the link above.  

Questions?  Please contact us!

10 October 2017

Emergency Readings

Friends ~

Emergency Email Readings are back on the October schedule.  That's UP TO 72 hour turn-around for week day emergency readings and weekend turn-around for weekend emergency readings.  Specialty emergency readings, UP TO five business days turn-around time. 

We will be back to our regular schedule the first week of November.

Thank you!