27 September 2017


Friends ~

We are in the process of getting new computers, and we may not have all the updates on Bloo Moon Antiques completed before the sale begins on October 1.  We will have the updates completed shortly thereafter, and we are extending the sale until Friday, November 3, because of the slight delay.

Thank you!

Emergency Readings - September 28 Through October 10

Friends ~

Due to our extremely busy schedule in the upcoming week and a half, we are limiting Emergency Email Readings to One Question (Flash) Readings ($60 each) and Two Question (Sunlight) Readings ($100 each) for a 24-hour turn around time if purchased during a week day or results the following business day if purchased during a weekend/holiday.   You could order on the Email Reading Page (www.MoonlightEnchantments.com).

If you'd like to order a longer reading or a specialty reading, we will book it in as a regular service so please order "regular" instead of "emergency" for those reading types.

Questions?  Please contact us.

Thank you!

Deadline For Pending Work - Second Notice

Friends ~

Hello!  Beginning this month, we've implemented a new system for our spell packages.  It's more convenient for everyone, and we've even been able to reduce the prices on our Supreme Spells! 

By January, we want to complete any and all work from previously purchased spell packages - such as included psychic readings, energy updates, booster spells, etc.  Therefore, if you bought a spell package prior to September 2017, and we owe you readings, energy updates, booster spells or anything else included with that spell package, please request what is owed to you on or before December 15.  After that date, anything owed will expire and not be honored.

Again, December 15 is the offical "expiration date" for all outstanding services on spell packages ordered before September 2017.  We will post and send several notices in the upcoming months regarding this.

Thank you.