03 November 2016


Special Offer ~

Some of our October services sold out quickly as limited slots were available.  We've received several emails today and yesterday from friends and clients asking if it's possible to have "extended October Specials". Since we're still in Scorpio, the super power is still active but not AS active as it was at the onset of Scorpio (October 23 through 31).  But this year, because so many people have made requests, we are adding two specials for Scorpio November.  

Booster Super Spell ~

The spell is two nights long and must begin before November 20 so deadline to receive payment is November 18.  This type of spell boosts existing energy from spell work in motion.  It is similar to the October booster.  The price is $500.  

Super Power Custom Scorpio Spell For Difficult Matters ~

This is an extremely strong custom spell.  Any matter can be address since it's completely customized to suit your situation.  Up to three issues with three separate goals.  The spell is cast for five nights.   This is for brand new castings as well as an add-on for existing magick or magick in motion.  It's quadrule power compared to normal spells.  Payment deadline is November 18.  The price is $1,300.  Some of you asked about payments.  Payments are accepted until the due date.

I can only cast seven spells per day (due to MY energy restrictions) so please order as soon as possible if you'd like to take advantage of these specials.  

To order, send payment via PayPal to AutumnMist@MoonlightEnchantments.com.  If you want to make payments for the Super Power option, we will need 25 percent down and the remainder paid in full before the 18th.  

Questions?  Let us know!

Oh, and our BIG Four-Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday LONG Weekend Sale items will be posted on the website on Midnight Friday, November 25! Notice to follow.

Thank you!