20 May 2016

Fairytale Love ~ Personal Matchmaking Service

Hi Friends,

A couple days ago we mentioned, here and on Facebook, that we will be offering a personal matchmaking service.  We've received several emails since then asking about it so instead of answering them all individually, we're responding here.

When I first started Moonlight, many moons ago, I unintendedly offered a matchmaking service, and here's how it started.  Since I'm a magickal love expert, most of my clients visit me for matters of the heart.  Some of my clients asked me if I could match them with other clients looking for love.  Well, I very carefully and quietly did for quite a few.  It kind of evolved into a service with several success stories.  After a couple of years, my spell casting and psychic reading services became too demanding for me to continue on with the matchmaking so I discontinued it.  Ever since, clients have asked me to bring it back.

Now that Moonlight has grown, and I have a lot of help from family members who make up our staff and management, I can offer personal matchmaking once again!!  It will primarily be managed by three of us, with me being one of the three.  Here's how it will work:

People who wish to join will have three membership options.  We are still working out the details of those options.  You will be required to fill out paperwork telling us about yourself and what you want in a mate.  We will match you to people who are within your "mate requirements" but we can only match you within our data base.  We will never, ever reveal any information to anyone except for first names, pictures and email addresses. Everything else is completely confidential, and nothing will be released to the general public.  This isn't a dating site. It's a personal matchmaking service which is different.  After you receive an email from us with a match showing his or her first name, picture, and email address, he or she will receive the same information on you.  Then it's up to you to contact each other.  We will service worldwide although most of our clients are from the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.  If you prefer a certain country only or region only, you will have that option.  We cannot guarantee matches, meetings, or relationships but we've made many in the past.   We normally do not offer refunds but we will with this service.  There is a one-time, non-refundable data fee and then your membership fee.  The membership fee is refundable, yet any refunds are prorated.  In other words, if you pay for three months and you cancel after one month, you will receive a refund on two months.  Refund details will be in the contract.  But we do ask your patience at the onset - which is actually the best time to join since membership will be at a special rate!

So please stand by!  We should have everything on the site this weekend, and we will be putting the special rates up on the BLOG so you could join at a discount!

Many Blessings,
Autumn Mist

16 May 2016



We're a bit short-handed this week with three of our staff members out for various reasons.  Also, due to her child's wisdom teeth extractions, Autumn Mist will be off on Wednesday.  Therefore, there will be no emergency email readings on Wednesday.

Please bear with us this week.  Everyone will be back to work on Monday so things will run more smoothly next week.

Thank you!