07 May 2016

Secret Wish Spell Candle

I made a special spell candle for my mother for Mother's Day.  I decided to offer it to my beloved clients as well.

This is a Secret Wish Spell Candle.  It's designed for one wish.  The wish could be any goal - a brand new spell request or magick in motion (to boost a spell in motion).  This candle is extremely special and carries much power and influence.  With it, comes a secret incantation and secret lighting instructions, different than our other candles.

This candle is 6x3 with a long burning time.  Made with the highest quality ingredients and scented oils.  Adorned with magickal drippings, crushed herbs, dried flowers, fairy glitter, crystals and three secret ingreidents.  The scent is intoxicating.

This is a limited offer!  Cost is $100 for the first candle and $50 for any additional candles ordered at the same time.  Free shipping within the U.S. International clients, please email for rates.

If you're interested, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with your PayPal email address.  Payment is due upon receipt.  Thank you!

This is DIY Magick.  Follow fire safety rules when dealing with candles.

Artisan Oatmeal Almond Soap

I recently made 250 bars of Oatmeal Almond Soap by special orders for specialty shoppes and boutiques in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.  I have 25 bars left over.

The soaps are all-natural, shea butter, oatmeal, almond and other soothing natural oils.  It's terrific for the face or body, and fantastic for many different skin conditions.  It has a calming effect and anti-aging properties.

Each piece looks a bit different due to the cutting process.  This is from the last part of the recipe I used and they were not formally molded like the soaps sent to the boutiques.  Some soaps are rounded or oval while others are square.  All are approximately 4.25 ounces.  Last longer than other soaps. The soap will come to you tied in rustic, magical rope.

Only $10 each plus $5 flat-rate shipping, regardless of the amount, in the U.S.  International customers, please email for rates.

If you're interested, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with your PayPal email address.  Payment is due upon receipt.  Thank you!

Again, only 25 available on a first come, first serve basis.

Thank you!

Magickal Correspondence For The Week of May 8, 2016

Sunday, May 8 ~
Mother's Day
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase: First Quarter
Color:  Yellow
Moon Sign: Gemini
Incense: Marigold
Gemstone: Gerosoni
Tarot: The Wheel
Numbers: 88 & 109
Prayer: Hail Mary
Intention: Motherhood


Monday, May 9 ~

Lemuria (Roman)
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase: First Quarter
Color:  Ivory
Moon Sign:  Gemini
Moon Enters Cancer at 1:24 p.m. EST
Incense: Narcissus
Gemstone: Pearl
Tarot: Ten of Pentacles
Numbers: 10 & 35
Prayer: Saint Anthony
Intention:  Domestic Peace & Prosperity


Tuesday, May 10

Census Day (Canada)
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase:  First Quarter
Color:  White
Moon Sign: Cancer
Incense: Cedar
Gemstone: Tourmaline
Tarot: Four of Cups
Numbers: 16 & 36
Prayer:  Creativity Prayer To Saint Bernadette
Intention:  Creative Arts (Literature, Painting, etc.)


Wednesday, May 11 ~

Toupas Day (Ancient Eastern Pagan)
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase:  First Quarter
Color:  Topaz
Moon Sign: Cancer
Incense:  Bay Laurel
Gemstone: Black Opal
Tarot: Seven of Swords
Numbers:  31 & 44
Prayer: Prayer To Saint Anthony
Intention:  Home Protection


Thursay, May 12 ~ 

Florence Nightingale's Birthday
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase: First Quarter
Color: Purple
Moon Sign: Leo
Incense:  Jasmine
Gemstone: White Topez
Tarot: Ace of Pentacles
Numbers:  7 & 27
Prayer: St. Jude Prayer
Intention: Needed Money


Friday, May 13 ~

Pilgrimage to Fatima (Portuguese/Roman Catholic)
Waxing Moon
Second Quarter at 1:02 p.m. EST
Color: Coral
Moon Sign: Leo
Incense: Orchard
Gemstone: Chocolate Diamond
Tarot: Five of Wands
Numbers: 6 & 83
Prayer: Prayer For Abundance
Intention: Self-Confidence


Saturay, May 14  ~

Carabao Festival (Spanish) 
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase: Second Quarter
Color: Indigo
Moon Sign: Leo
Incense: Rue
Gemstone:  Pink Tonic
Tarot: Seven of Cups
Numbers: 29 & 76
Prayer: Our Father
Intention: Safe Nights

05 May 2016

Notice ~


Due to an extremely demanding schedule, there will be no emergency email readings (short or specialty) scheduled on May 5 & 6 and May 9 through the 11th  (Thursday, Friday,  Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday).

You may still order email and speciality readings during those dates, of course, but please order regular service.  Your readings will be booked at the soonest convenience.  Emergency Readings will resume on May 12.

Thank you!!!


03 May 2016

In Your Dreams . . . Spiders

Spiders ~

Dreaming of a spider means that you should be very careful in your work in the upcoming weeks.  Don't stress about unimportant things but instead use your energy and time on work projects.  You could gain fortune and recognition during this time if you pay close attention.  To see a spider building a web suggests you will be happy and secure in your home.  If you kill a spider in a dream, it means you will have major conflict with someone you see on a regular basis.  A spider biting you indicates you will be in the midst of an unfaithful partner in business or romance.  Pay close attention to the signs.  Seeing many spiders hanging in webs or running around a wall or floor means you will have excellent luck and fortune in the near future.  If a spider crawls up your leg, it means an enemy is plotting against you.  A spider on your hand foretells good health and faithful friends.  A spider confronting you signifies that you will gain fast fortune and lots of it!  If you are frightened of the spider, it means you will lose someone close to you to lies or betrayal.  If you kill a spider in the dream, it suggests trouble in your home.  Check your house for safety and security.

NOTE ~ Dreams are often warnings and should be taken as such.  If you dream of something unpleasant, it indicates that you still have a chance to prevent the unpleasant event in reality.  Pay attentions to the signs and adjust your life accordingly!

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Organic, Non-toxic Weed Killer Home Recipe ~

Organic, Non-toxic Weed Killer Home Recipe ~
Safe to use in yards where children, pets, and small wild animals roam.
In a new spray bottle, combine:
1/2 gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 c table salt
1/2 tsp Dawn Liquid Dish Soap
Mix above ingredients in a spray bottle.
Vinegar has been used as a cleaner and killer for decades. Dawn is the only dish soap I use because of their commitment to wildlife. However, in this case it actually lifts the oils from weeds to allow the vinegar to do it's job.
Spread the word by sharing, please!

01 May 2016

Vanishing TEXT - Important!

Friends ~

We're having some difficulty with text vanishing on some of our web pages.  We're working to fix the problem but since we have over 260 pages on the site, we may miss a few.  If you arrive at a page on the website and the text isn't visible, please email us immediately and let us know.

Thank you!

Business Manager
Moonlight Enchantments