10 April 2016

Magickal Correspondences For The Week Of April 11, 2016

Monday, April 11 ~
Heroes Day (Costa Rica)
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase: First Quarter
Color:  Ivory
Moon Sign: Gemini
Incense: Lily
Gemstone: Sapphire
Tarot: The Star
Numbers: 14 & 17
Prayer: Hail Mary
Intention: Victory Over Opposition


Tuesday, April 12 ~

Ceralia (Roman)
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase: First Quarter
Color:  Gray
Moon Sign:  Gemini
Incense: Cinnamon
Gemstone: Sunburst
Tarot: The Wheel
Numbers: 88 & 91
Prayer: St. Jude Flying Novena
Intention:  Prosperity 


Wednesday, April 13  ~Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Fertility Feast (Celtic)
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase:  Second Quarter
Color:  Brown
Moon Sign: Cancer
Incense: Bay Laurel
Gemstone: Diamond
Tarot: Ten of Cups
Numbers: 19 & 97
Prayer: Novena To Saint Monica
Intention:  Success In Family & Business


Thursday, April 14 ~

Festival of Flowers (Holland)
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase:  Second Quarter
Color:  White
Moon Sign: Cancer
Incense:  Mulberry
Gemstone: Black Onyx
Tarot: Judgment
Numbers: 1 & 10
Prayer: Prayer To St. John, The Baptist
Intention:  Courage & Confidence


Friday, April 15 ~ 

Hex Festival 
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase: Second Quarter
Color: Purple
Moon Sign: Leo
Incense: Rose
Gemstone: Purple Moonstone 
Tarot: Six of Cups
Numbers: 22 & 36
Prayer: Glory Be
Intention: Finding Geninue Friends


Saturday, April 16 ~

Zurich Spring Festival (Swiss)
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase: Second Quarter
Color: Black
Moon Sign: Leo
Incense: Pine
Gemstone: Blue Crystal
Tarot: Ace of Swords
Numbers: 13 & 62
Prayer: Prayer To Saint Blaise
Intention:  Health & Safety


Sunday, April 17  ~

Yayoi Matsuri (Japanese)
Waxing Moon
Moon Phase: Second Quarter
Color: Yellow
Moon Sign: Virgo
Incense: Frankincense
Gemstone: Tiger's Eye
Tarot: King of Pentacles
Numbers: 9 & 21
Prayer: Prayer To Saint Paul
Intention: Spiritual Understanding

Page of Swords
Artwork by Elisabeth Alba

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