01 April 2016

Vintage 1930s Eljin Compact - Used For Magickal Beauty & Love "Visions"

NOT ON THE SITE YET!  Permanent Magick!

This beautiful high-quality vintage Eljin American compact belonged to my great grandmother, who was an extremely powerful professional magickal practitioner.  My aunt (her granddaughter) is selling it now.  According to my aunt, the compact was enchanted by my great grandmother is a magickal ritual and for decades thereafter by her intense, powerful energy - for the purpose of beauty and love. The mirror is said to have an entrancing element attached to it which would allow the owner to access beauty illusion magick with each glance.   Also added to it was a psychic "magick mirror" element to view "romantic information" such as visions of your next lover, romantic scenerios, names, possible deceptions, and anything relating to love.  The visions can appear in the mirror itself or in your mind while searching the mirror or shortly thereafter.  Sometimes if a session produces nothing, you will have an intense psychic dream that night with the information you need.  My great grandmother used this mirror from when it was gifted to her in the 1930s until the very end of the 1960s.  My aunt used it from 1970 until 2000.  She hasn't used it for years and is ready to let it go so it could be useful again.

The compact is in very good shape.  It's a shinny gold-color with a star flower design.  The interior has a very small perfume stain on the powder reservior lid.  It's hardly noticeable unless you're examining it.  The lid is decorated with a fine engine-turned design stamped with "Eljin American; Made in the USA".   The mirror is somewhat cloudy which is due to age and the creation type at the time.  It's perfect for scrying though.  When you lift the tab, you'll see a clear powder placement area (the white lining is suppose to be there and was used as a placement brace for the powder).

Not only does this item carry magickal properties, but compacts are one of the most collectible vintage items because they're rare!

The compact will come to you in a pretty purple-power sheer and velvet beaded reusable bag.  Full activation instructions included.

We ship most of our items worldwide.  However, with most of our one-of-a-kind items, we do not only because we cannot track the item internationally and it could be lost enroute.  Therefore, this item will only be sold within the U.S.

The cost is $575 with free shipping.  If you're interested, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with your PayPal email address.  Payment is due upon receipt.  First come, first serve.

Legal Disclosure: I, myself, have never used this item for magickal purposes, and I, personally, cannot verify its age or guarantee it's effectivenss as individual results may vary.  Must be 18+ to order from us.  For entertainment purposes only.  All sales final.  Please read our Terms at www.MoonlightEnchantments.com BEFORE ordering.  If you order this item, you legally agree to our terms.

Thank you!!!

NOTE:  There is a dark area in the fourth picture.  That is not on the compact.  That's just a shadow from the picture.

Vintage Victorian Diamond-Cut Crystal Perfume Bottle - Fine Jewelry - One Available!

This gorgeous piece is old but doesn't appear to have been used.  It was given to me recently by my cousin who told me that it was bequeathed to her by my great grandmother.  She believes it was created in the Victorian Era and came from England where my great grandmother stopped from Ireland on her way to America.  We have no other history on it, and quite frankly, I cannot prove the claims my cousin made since as it's from second and third hand sources.  However, the piece is striking and it looks as though it's never been used.

This beautiful bottle is extremely delicate, is considered a fine piece and should be used with care.  I would NOT recommend putting oil into the bottle because it may damage it.  Also, although it appears to be new, the piece towards the top seems to move if lifted.  I wouldn't consider it to be damage because it could have been made that way.

The bottle size is almost 4' in height and looks like a 25 to 30 ml capacity.  The price is only $70 plus $5 shipping within the U.S.  International customers, please contact us for rates.  It will come to you in a sheer velvet & satin beaded reusable bag.

If you're interested, please email us at CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with your PayPal email address and country.  Only ONE available on a first come, first serve basis.

Thank you!

29 March 2016

Brand New Item ~ Magickal Diamonds

Diamonds have been ONE of my secret magickal weapons for many years.  Being the most powerful gemstone, it soaks up positive energy like nothing else can.   It can toss that energy in any directiion it's given.  Using a diamond during spell work can literally make the difference between full success and total failure.

The diamonds I am offering now can aid with spells, rituals, novenas, or be used as the world's most powerful charm.  They're consecrated in a series of secret high-magick rituals that I will reveal to no one except my kids and future grandchildren!  After consecration, the diamond is ready for use!

Anything could be accomplished with diamond work - whether you're using your diamond for spells or as a charm.  Diamonds are excellent for love, money, success, justice, protection, beauty, weight loss - anything you'd like to draw or banish.  However, it is best to use one diamond for a series of related issues and another diamond for the same.  In other words, if your goal is to meet the perfect mate, have a good relationship, marry, and remain faithfully together for life, one diamond can be used for that.  If you want to do well in college, find the perfect job, be extremely successful in your field, and earn a lucrative living, another diamond would be used for that.

Periodically, you should cleanse your diamond with a sage and candle ritual, and I will include instructions for that as well as care instructions.  Also, a 10" skinny white pillar candle will be included and a bag of sage herbs and incense for your first cleansing ritual.

All diamonds are between .25 and .50 carats, brand new, and each is rated very good to excellent in quality.  Your diamond will come to you in a pearl-laced, sheer white or cream colored pouch.

Your Choice Of Shape ~


The price is between $800 and $2,500 depending upon the cut and size you choose.

We do NOT keep diamonds in our studio.  I simply cannot afford to pre-buy diamonds!  So after payment is made, we will purchase your diamond and perform the consecration ritual.  The entire ritual takes a total of three days since there are steps to complete.  Please allow up to 14 business days for your diamond to be shipped out and also allow for postal delivery time.

There are absolutely NO refunds on this item under any circumstances so be 100 percent sure before purchasing.

U.S. Clients - Free Shipping by Priority Mail.  Insurance is included.  We will get a tracking number and track it straight to your door as proof of delivery.

International Clients ~ Free Shipping by Priority Mail Anywhere in The World!  We will obtain Proof of Shipping from our Post Office.   However, we cannot track any item outside of the U.S.  There will be NO refunds if your shipment is lost or damaged.  You may order FedEx or UPS with tracking but it could be quite expensive.  We can quote you rates if you'd like.

Not on the site yet!  If you're interested, please send a detailed email to CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com, along with your PayPal email address for a statement.

This is do-it-yourself magick meaning the outcome is completely in your hands.

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