26 March 2016

Seven Water Spring Cleansing Spell Bath - Christian Magick

This cleansing bath is spectacular!  And Spring is the perfect time to perform this intense ritual.  It's designed to strip away the winter blues and welcome summer fun, luck, success and prosperity!

You will need:

Seven Roses
Lavender Buds
Cherry Blossems
A White Bowl
At least 12 ounces of:
Spring Water
Blue Water
Rose Water
Mineral Water
River Water
Sea Water
Two ounces of:
Holy Water
A White Candle (Annointed)

Take seven rose petals from seven differen roses (one from each rose), a handful of lavender buds, and a handful of cherry blossems.  Place them in a white bowl of spring water.  Put the bowl on a table or an enclosed porch overnight on a night when the moon is clear and bright.

The next day, take the bowl and dump the contents into existing bath water.  Then fill the bowl with blue water, rose water, mineral water, river water, sea water and holy water, dumping each in the tub before filling it with the other.  The entire time, think of love and success.  Light the candle and place it on the rim of the tub.

Dip into the bath, close your eyes, and think of all the stress and negativity shedding off your body and soul and falling into the water.  Think of the summer and the happiness it will bring.  Call upon the Blessed Mother to intercede for you.  Say three Hail Marys followed by an Our Father and Glory Be.  Finally, as Saint Theresa to clear and comfort you.  Remain in the bath, eyes closed, meditating and relaxing for 30 minutes.

You need not be Christian to perform this cleanings spell.

25 March 2016



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