12 March 2016

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10 March 2016

Benedicaria Emergency Novena - To Saint Theresa

You don't have to be Christian to ask St. Theresa for her intervention.  If you're in a difficult situation where you desperately need quick help, consider this prayer to her.

Saint Theresa of the roses, you're the little flower of heaven guiding all who come your way.  Please guide us and protect us in the years that lie ahead.  Please, Saint Theresa, grand my prayer request (say your request).  Little flower in this hour shine forth and show they power (three times).

Say this prayer three times per day for three days in a row.  Publish upon completion.

Note:  Saint Theresa helped me 20 years ago when I faced an incredibly frightening time.  The worst fear of my life.  She gave me a direct physical sign that everything would be fine, and it was.  She's one of my mother's favorite saints and one of mine as well.  She's beautiful, and I love her dearly.

09 March 2016

Both of my parents get severe sinus migraines so I didn't stand a chance, and I passed it down to my child, too. Name it; I'll get a headache from it but summer is the worst. I get a headache in April, and it lasts through September. Seriously... sometimes it's mild; sometimes it severe but it's always lingering. So if you're a chronic summer migraine sufferer like me, this may help.


08 March 2016

Vampire Seduction Special Edition! Sale Price!
An entire spell in a bar of soap!
All is fair in love and war! With the passionate seduction of vampire romance, this particular spell soap works in two ways. It is especially created to knock out your love rival and cause your crush to be charmed with thoughts, dreams, and desires of you and you alone. So you may obtain the object of your desire without any interference! If you want someone who is involved in a relationship, this spell soap could draw his or her energy towards you and away from the person they're with - safely. This is extremely effective with an ex-lover who may have left you for another. If you've been nursing a broken heart, this spell calls for love justice as well. This is a layered Spell Soap. The base is to repel negativity and bind the love rival. A artisan top to draw love, attraction, fantasies and dreams from you to your crush. It's magickally adorned with roses, vampire dust, oils & a secret ingredient within the soap. Fully consecrated before leaving my studio! Comes to you in a gorgeous sheer & velvet, deep purple, beaded, reusable magickal bag.
Hand-made by Autumn Mst with Natural Shea Butter, Beautifully Scented. Secret Flowers, Crushed Herbs, Vampire Dust, & Magick Oils. Cruelty-Free.
Special Rate - $80 Free Shipping within the U.S.
To order this special edition, please email us with your PayPal email address, and we'll bill you. Please allow 2 to 7 days for your soap to be created and shipped.
Thank you!!!

The Magickal Correspondences will resume this weekend.

Thank you.

07 March 2016

Beautifully scented and hand created with fairy dust and natural oils in a corked glass bottle! Normally $39. Sale this week! Only $25 plus shipping! (Sale price expires March 11 at 11 p.m. EST.) Please email us with with your order, your PayPal email address and your mailing address, and we'll send you a statement reflecting the discount. Thank you!!