16 January 2016

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Magickal Correspondences For The Week Of January 17, 2016

Sunday, January 17 ~
Waxing Moon, Second Quarter  
Color: Gold 
Gem/Stone: Moonstone 
Moon Sign:  Aries, Entering Taurus at 12:48 a.m. EST 
Incense: Hyacinth
Intention: A New Adventure
Tarot: Seven of Wands
Numbers: 29 & 30
Prayer: Praying The Hours
Sabbat/Holiday:  St. Anthony's Day (Catholic/Mexican)


Monday, January 18 ~
Waxing Moon, Second Quarter
Color: Silver
Gem/Stone: Flourite
Moon Sign: Taurus
Incense: Hyssop
Intention: Peaceful Vacation
Tarot: The World
Numbers: 12 & 67 
Prayer: The Celtic Cross Rule of Seven
Sabbat/Holiday: Birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. (observed)


Tuesday, January 19 ~
Waxing Moon, Second Quarter
Color: White
Gem/Stone:  Celestite 
Moon Sign: Taurus, Moon Entering Gemini 4:13 a.m. EST
Incense: Ylang-ylang
Intention:  New Projects  
Tarot: Ace of Cups
Numbers: 38 & 69 
Prayer: Dalriadan Rosary
Sabbat/Holiday: Kitchen God Feast (Chinese)


Wednesday, January 20  ~
Waxing Moon, Second Quarter
Color: Brown
Gem/Stone: Aquamarine
Moon Sign: Gemini, Sun Enters Aquarius at 10:27 a.m. EST
Incense: Honeysuckle
Intention: Attracting Clients or Customers
Tarot: Three of Wands
Numbers: 6 & 28
Prayer: Psalms Spell For Business (Psalms 8)
Sabbat/Holiday: Inauguration Day


Thursday, January 21 ~
Waxing Moon,  Second Quarter
Color: White
Gem/Stone: Sodalite
Moon Sign: Gemini, Entering Cancer at 8:28 a.m. EST
Incense: Carnation
Intention: Fertility
Tarot: The Moon
Numbers: 33 & 74 
Prayer: Psalm Spell For Child Birth/Fertility (Psalms 19) 
Sabbat/Holiday: St. Agnes Day (Catholic) 


Friday, January 22 ~
Waxing Moon, Second Quarter
Color: Coral
Gem/Stone: Garnet
Moon Sign: Cancer
Incense: Yarrow
Intention: Romantic Love
Tarot: The Lovers
Numbers: 43 & 45
Prayer: The Lord's Prayer
Sabbat/Holiday: Saint Vincent's Day (French)


Saturday, January 23 ~
Waxing Moon, Entering Full Moon at 8:46 p.m. EST
Color: Indigo
Gem/Stone: Pecos Diamond
Moon Sign:  Aries
Incense: Jade
Intention:  Attracting The Opposite Sex
Tarot: Temperance
Numbers: 22 & 52 
Prayer: Glory Be 
Sabbat/Holiday: Saint Idefonso's Day (French)