01 January 2016

Shipping Policy 2015/2016 ~

Shipping Policy 2015/2016 ~

We generally ship on Fridays.

Domestic ~
We ship all packages through the United States Postal Service Priority or First Class Mail. A delivery confirmation
number will be included with your shipment so you could track your order. With most Priority shipping, you receive
$50 of insurance coverage. However, not all Priority shipments are covered, and we use First Class as well which is not
covered at all. We strongly suggest that you insure your shipment for an additional $5. This would cover any loss or
damage that would take place after it leaves our studio. In that event, you would file a claim with the Post Office.
We are NOT responsible for any lost or damaged item(s) once the Post Office has control of them. In the past, we have
given full and partial refunds to clients and customer who claim their items were damaged due to postal negligence. We
also shipped duplicate items to clients who claim their product was lost. This rarely happened but on the occasions
when it did, we went above and beyond our responsibility. Now we are holding the Post Office responsible for any
damage or loss done by them.

International ~
We cannot track items any further than Customs. Even if we send your shipment Registered for a signature, we can
only track it as far as Customs. We are not responsible for any items damaged or lost by Customs in your country or the
Postal Service in our country. We are not responsible for the length of time Customs retains your shipment. In some
countries, Customs has retained shipments for up to 16 weeks. We will send it to you in a timely manner, as promised,
and we will obtain and email you proof that the items were sent to you. But since we cannot track its arrival to your
doorstep, we strongly suggest that you obtain insurance on your package. Insurance will protect your items from
damage or loss. Please email us for insurance rates as it depends upon your item and the country. Also, you have the
option to have your package sent via FedEx currier, although the costs may be impractical. Please email us if you'd
like rates. Please note that there will be absolutely no refunds on items that are damaged by the Postal
Service or Customs, and we will not send duplicate items for anything lost by the Postal Service or Customs.

Domestic & International ~
If you have specific shipping instructions - either domestic or international - we will do our very best to accommodate
you. Please let us know. We offer Rush Service for an additional fee. Please email if you'd like rates.
If your shipment is lost or damaged after it leaves our hands and you have insurance, please file a claim with the
USPS. Again, we are not responsible for lost or damaged items after we ship them.
We receive a tracking number and/or customs form duplicate as proof that we sent the ordered items.
For Domestic items, we can track shipment straight to your door, and we do with every shipment.