19 December 2015

Magickal Correspondences For The Week Of December 20. 2015

Happy Holidays!!

Sunday, December 20 ~
Waxing Moon, Second Quarter  
Color: Gold
Gem/Stone: Amber 
Moon Sign:  Aries, Entering Taurus at 7:13 p.m. EST 
Incense: Sunflower
Intention:  House Blessings
Tarot: Four of Cups
Numbers: 19 & 28
Prayer: Novena To St. Therese of Lisieux 
Sabbat/Holiday: Commerce Festival (Japanese)


Monday, December 21 ~
Waxing Moon, Second Quarter
Color: Silver
Gem/Stone: Diamond
Moon Sign: Taurus
Sun: Entering Capricorn at 11:48 p.m. EST
Incense: Catnip 
Intention: Power In All Your Goals 
Tarot:  The Emperor
Numbers: 16 & 98
Prayer: Divine Mercy Novena
Sabbat/Holiday: Yule/Winter Solstice (Pagan/Celtic Christian)


Tuesday, December 22 ~
Waxing Moon, Second Quarter
Color: White
Gem/Stone: Pearl
Moon Sign: Taurus, Entering Gemini at 9:31 p.m. EST 
Incense: Wintergreen
Intention: Creative Projects
Tarot: Ace of Cups
Numbers: 1 & 11 
Prayer: Saint Joseph Novena 
Sabbat/Holiday: Saints Chaeremon and Ischyrion's Day (Christian)


Wednesday, December 23  ~
Waxing Moon, Second Quarter
Color: Burnt Orange
Gem/Stone:  Steel 
Moon Sign: Gemini
Incense: Holly
Intention: Intuition
Tarot: Three of Pentacles
Numbers: 17 & 65 
Prayer: Holy Spirit Novena
Sabbat/Holiday: Larentalia (Roman)


Thursday, December 24 ~
Waxing Moon,  Second Quarter
Color: Green
Gem/Stone: Silver
Moon Sign: Gemini
Incense: Lilly
Intention: Peaceful Friends 
Tarot: The Moon
Numbers: 19 & 23 
Prayer: Immaculate Heart of Mary 
Sabbat/Holiday: Christmas Eve (Christian)


Friday, December 25 ~
Waxing Moon, Entering Full Moon at 6:12 a.m. EST
Color: Cream
Gem/Stone: Pink Amethyst 
Moon Sign:  Gemini, Entering Cancer at 12:27 a.m. EST 
Incense: Pine
Intention: In Honor of God 
Tarot:  The Sun 
Numbers: 3 & 36
Prayer:  Christmas Novena 
Sabbat/Holiday:  Christmas Day (Christian) 


Saturday, December 26 ~
Waxing Moon, Third Quarter
Color: Indigo
Gem/Stone: Dream Crystal
Moon Sign:  Cancer
Incense: Cinquefoil 
Intention: Family Peace
Tarot: Seven of Swords
Numbers: 23 & 77 
Prayer: Saint Jude Novena 
Sabbat/Holiday: Kwanzaa (African)

15 December 2015


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13 December 2015

In Your Dreams . . .

Snakes  ~

To dream of one of these beautiful creatures foretells of trouble and problems.  To see one wiggling or falling over someone means you will have struggles and remorse.  To kill a snake indicates that you've exhausted every opportunity to meet you goals or respecting those in your company.  You will have victory over enemies.  If you jump over a snake or walk around it in avoidance, that shows you live in fear of sickness or injury.  If a snake bites you, you will fall into evil enimies or dark influences.  If you see its tongue or if it coils around you limbs or body, you are or will be in a powerless situation.  Handling a snake means you will successfully manage a tricky issue.  If a snake transforms, you will raise from bad circumstances if you're calm, cool, and reasonable.  To step on a snake shows a loss of balance that you must regain.  If  a snake is in water, you will have trouble at a place where you usually have pleasure.  A snake biting you denotes a betrayal by a dear friend or family member.  A snake biting someone else tells of harsh words and criticisms from you to someone close to you - even if you're unaware.  Pick your words carefully.

Note ~ Dreams are often warnings and should be taken as such.  If you dream of something unpleasant, it indicates that you still have a chance to prevent the unpleasant event in reality.  Pay attention to the signs and adjust things accordingly!

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9-Hour Emergency Novena - For Serious Issues

Anyone of any religion (Christian or non-Christian) is welcome to pray this Novena if they are in great need of fast help and intervension. 

Infant Jesus of Prague 9 hour Novena

O Jesus, Who has said,
ask and you shall receive,
seek and you shall find,
knock and it shall be opened to you,
through the intercession of Mary,
Your Most Holy Mother, I knock,
I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted.
(Make your request)

O Jesus, Who has said,
all that you ask of the Father in My Name,
He will grant you through the intercession of Mary.
Your Most Holy Mother.
I humbly and urgently ask Your Father
in Your Name that my prayer be granted.

(Make your request)

O Jesus, Who has said,
"Heaven and earth shall pass away
but My word shall not pass",
through the intercession of Mary,
Your Most Holy Mother,
I feel confident that my prayer will be granted.

(Make your request)

This novena is to be said at the same time every hour for nine consecutive hours in one day.This is a good novena for urgent requests that cannot wait nine days to be prayed. You must pray it every hour for nine consecutive hours at the same time. Example, if you begin praying at 12:00, your next prayer is at 1:00, then 2:00, until your ninth prayer is at 8:00.

Thank God and publish.

Magickal Correspondences - Week of December 13, 2015

Enjoy The Week ~ 

Sunday, December 13 ~
Waxing Moon, First Quarter  
Color: Yellow
Gem/Stone: Aqua Aura  
Moon Sign:  Capricorn
Incense: Marigold
Intention: Grounding & Importance
Tarot: Four of Cups
Numbers: 3 & 7
Prayer: Novena To St. Lucy - Protection of The Eyes 
Sabbat/Holiday: St. Lucy's Day (Swedish/Christian)


Monday, December 14 ~
Waxing Moon, First Quarter
Color: Gray
Gem/Stone: Citrine Point
Moon Sign:Capricorn, Entering Aquarius at 7:59 a.m. EST
Incense: Hyssop
Intention: Attracting Genuine Friends
Tarot:  The High Priestess
Numbers: 6 & 77
Prayer: Prayer To Saint Cecilia
Sabbat/Holiday: Hanukkah Ends (Jewish)


Tuesday, December 15 ~
Waxing Moon, First Quarter
Color: Red 
Gem/Stone: Garnet
Moon Sign: Aquarius
Incense: Cedar
Intention: Re-evaluating Goals
Tarot: Nine of Cups
Numbers: 11 & 53 
Prayer: Glory Be
Sabbat/Holiday: Consualia (Roman)


Wednesday, December 16  ~
Waxing Moon, First Quarter
Color: Brown
Gem/Stone: Clear Quartz 
Moon Sign: Aquarius, Entering Pisces 12:45 p.m. EST
Incense: Honeysuckle
Intention: Peaceful Holiday
Tarot: Three of Cups
Numbers: 5 & 50 
Prayer: Peace On Earth
Sabbat/Holiday: Posadas (Mexican)


Thursday, December 17 ~
Waxing Moon,  First Quarter
Color: White
Gem/Stone: Optical Calcite
Moon Sign: Pisces
Incense: Mulberry
Intention: Fertility 
Tarot: The Empress
Numbers: 7 & 23 
Prayer: Hail Mary
Sabbat/Holiday: Saturnalia (Roman/Pagan)  


Friday, December 18 ~
Waxing Moon, Entering Second Quarter at 10:14 a.m. EST
Color: Purple
Gem/Stone: Jade Buddha
Moon Sign:  Pisces, Entering Aries at 4:26 p.m. EST 
Incense: Yarrow
Intention: Protecting Home & Children
Tarot: Justice
Numbers: 19 & 36
Prayer:  Nine Hail Mary Novena 
Sabbat/Holiday:  Virgin of Solitude (South America/Catholic) 


Saturday, December 19 ~
Waxing Moon, Second Quarter
Color: Black
Gem/Stone: Dream Crystal
Incense: Sage
Intention: Winter Rest
Tarot: Judgment
Numbers: 13 & 21 
Prayer: Emergency Novena Infant of Prague 
Sabbat/Holiday: Opalia (Roman)

Artwork by Lisa Hunt