22 October 2015

One Slot Remaining ~ Super Love

ONE slot left.  It must be ordered on or before Saturday so we have time to prepare.

Secret Halloween Love Dance® Spell Package

Carries 100 percent more power than a normal spell!  Cast on Samhain, this electrically charged, ultra power love spell is one of our super-power love spells with a secret twist.  It's above and beyond any love spell offered at any time of the year!   It's relentlessly magnified with Divine universal power!  We could
address ANY and ALL issues concerning love.  Nothing is off limits during Samhain!  This is specifically designed for multiple requests with several complicated obstacles for fast, permanent results!  Consecrated and performed by Autumn Mist.

Along with the professional spell series, you will receive a  Deluxe Secret Halloween Love Dance Kit to be used on Halloween Night, Lace Parchment Spell & Instructions, a Flash Psychic Email Reading upon request, and PROOF of Spell Casting option by Video, audio or Digital Pictures at NO extra charge & financial breakdown option of funds.  Only five slots available (one is remaining) on a first come, first serve basis!  Series Ends on Samhain For The Highest Power.

Orders must be taken on or before October 24.
Please order under the Spell section, here ~ http://www.moonlightenchantments.com/Halloween.html

We've Added Three More Due To Demand!  Out of those three, one is remaining.

Super Power Special Three-Wish Halloween Spell Package
This spell works on building excessive, strong energy levels towards three personal goals.  We will create three entwined power wish spells for you for Halloween night.  Within one week, we will send you a magickal package by postal mail along with instructions.  No two packages are the same.  This is a very
personal process.  You will have three, easy-to-do tasks to perform to release the magick.  After proceeding with your tasks, one by one, your wishes should be granted.  The wishes could be unrelated but all must be for you.  In other words, you could wish for career, wealth and love, but it must be for your own personal career, wealth and love and not on behalf of another.  Unlock the magical door with these endless possibilities!  Please order under the Spell section, here ~ http://www.moonlightenchantments.com/Halloween.html

Two Slots Left!

Special Rate Live Chilly Chat Online Readings
October 29 - 30 Minutes with Autumn Mist for $150
There are TWO slots still open for this day!
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