10 October 2015

Magickal Bath Recipes ~

Renaissance Magical Bath For Purification (Release of Negativity)

You Will Need ~

1 part mint
3 parts thyme

2 parts fennel 
1 part vervain
3 parts basil
1 pinch valerian root

4 parts lavender
2 parts hyssop
2 parts rosemary

Black candles and sage incense.  Soak for an hour concentrating on banishing bad energy and negative influences.


October Psychic Awarness Bath

You Will Need ~

2 parts orange peel
1 part clove
1 part cinnamon
3 parts lemon grass
2 parts thyme

Purple candles and lavender incense.  Soak for an hour concentrating on psychic awareness and dreams.


Healing Bath

You Will Need ~

2 parts lavender
2 parts rose
1 part peppermint

3 parts rosemary
2 parts eucalyptus
1 part cinnamon

White candles and rose incense.  Soak for an hour for healing.

Magickal Correspondences For The Week Of October 11

Sunday, October 11~
Waning Moon, Fourth Quarter  
Color: Yellow
Gem/Stone: Dioptase
Moon Sign:  Virgo, Entering Libra at 4:45 a.m.
Incense: Marigold
Intention: Defense of The Defenseless
Tarot: The Knight of Swords
Numbers: 10 & 11
Sabbat/Holiday: Medetrinalia (Roman)


Monday, October 12 ~
Waning Moon, With New Moon at  8:06 p.m. EST
Color: Silver
Gem/Stone: Golden Beryl 
Moon Sign: Libra
Incense: Clary Sage
Intention: New Discoveries
Tarot:  Three of Wands
Numbers:  16 & 41
Sabbat/Holiday: Columbus Day


Tuesday, October 13 ~
Waxing Moon In The First Quarter
Color: Scarlet
Gem/Stone: Garnet
Moon Sign: Libra, Entering Scorpio at 5:38 p.m. EST
Incense: Ylang-ylarng
Intention:  To Secure Owed Money
Tarot: Page Of Pentacles
Numbers: 41 & 91 
Sabbat/Holiday: Fontinalia (Roman)


Wednesday, October 14  ~
Waxing Moon In The First Quarter
Color: Brown
Gem/Stone: Jet
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Incense: Marjoram
Intention: To Find A Pefect Relationship
Tarot: The  Lovers
Numbers: 7 & 33 
Sabbat/Holiday: Takabule (Gypsy) 


Thursday, October 15 ~
Waxing Moon In The First Quarter
Color: Green
Gem/Stone: Lepidolite
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Incense: Apricot
Intention:  To Settle Estranged Relationships 
Tarot: Eight  of Wands
Numbers: 3 & 12
Sabbat/Holiday:  The October House (Roman)  


Friday, October 16 ~
Waxing Moon In The First Quarter
Color: White
Gem/Stone: Black Zeolite
Moon Sign:  Scorpio, Enters Sagittarius at 5:18 a.m. EST 
Incense: Vanilla
Intention: Luck
Tarot:  Wheel of Fortune
Numbers: 19 & 29 
Sabbat/Holiday:  The Lion Sermon (British) 


Saturday, October 17 ~
Waxing Moon In The First Quarter
Color: Blue
Gem/Stone: Red Pearl
Moon Sign:  Sagittarius
Incense: Rue
Intention:  Fertility
Tarot:  Ace of Pentacles
Numbers: 23 & 27
Sabbat/Holiday: Divination Night (Celtic)

08 October 2015

Indoor/outdoor cats are always at risk for death and harm. However, during the Samhain (Halloween) season cats are in even more danger of evil, human predators. Please keep your cats inside to avoid them from becoming victims of sadists. They're precious creatures. Also, please remember homeless cats. Keep them safe if you can. Some good ideas are putting out cat food and fresh water. Cracking your garage door and leaving warm pillows and blankets inside for them. Even a dog house with straw and blankets will work. But if you can't help them, please don't harm them. Leave them in peace. Victorian folklore promises that if a person harms a cat, he or she will receive the same degree of injury when least expected. If someone kills a cat, they will bring a curse upon themselves, their children, and their grandchildren. The curse is swift, tormenting, and violent and the misfortune will follow the person and his or her descending generations every day of their lives until they die in the very same way as the cat. After all, cats are pure magic. They could either bless you or curse you. Now this Old Victorian Lore might be just that, lore, based on Queen Victoria's love for cats. But I wouldn't want to bet my life on it. I'd rather bet on kindness instead. smile emoticon Spread the word . . .

07 October 2015

October Give Away Winner!

Our big prize October Give Away winner is Gretchen Leigh!

Congratulations, Gretchen!

Please contact us as soon as possible!

November Give Away will be announced on November 1 on our Facebook page.

Thank you!

05 October 2015


It's been brought to my attention that many clients are paying full price for items we currently have on sale for October.  Before ordering something from the main site, please check our Fall Specials to see if it or something similar is discounted.  Many Blessings!


04 October 2015

St Francis Day

It's St. Francis Day - The Blessing of the Animals. Please take a moment to bless your pets, giving them the power of protection. Let's also remember Cecil, the lion, and all wild, homeless, and endangered animals. Have a purr-fect day!

Magickal Correspondences For The Week Of October 4

Sunday, October 4~
Waning Moon, Fourth Quarter 5:06 p.m. EST 
Color: Amber
Gem/Stone: Opal Doublet
Moon Sign:  Cancer
Incense: Almond
Intention: Animals (Pets or Wildlife)
Tarot: The Sun
Numbers: 16 &88
Sabbat/Holiday: Saint Francis of Assissi  (Catholic/Christian)


Monday, October 5 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: White
Gem/Stone:  Azotic Topez
Moon Sign: Cancer
Incense: Hyssop
Intention: Banish Disease & Illness
Tarot:  Queen of Swords
Numbers:  13 & 41
Sabbat/Holiday: Divining Night (Gypsy)


Tuesday, October 6 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: Gray
Gem/Stone: Paraiba Tourmaline 
Moon Sign: Cancer, Entering Leo at 4:31 a.m. EST
Incense: Bayberry
Intention:  Physical Defense Against Abuse
Tarot: Page Of Swords
Numbers: 1 & 11
Sabbat/Holiday: Dedication Of The Virgin's Crown (English)


Wednesday, October 7 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: Yellow
Gem/Stone: Pietersite 
Moon Sign: Leo
Incense:  Honeysuckle
Intention: To Destroy A Dark Relationship
Tarot: Five of Swords
Numbers: 1 & 9
Sabbat/Holiday: Kermesse (German)


Thursday, October 8 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: Purple
Gem/Stone: Bloodstone
Moon Sign: Leo, Entering Virgo at 3:50 p.m. EST
Incense: Myrrh
Intention:  Justice Upon A Complaining Neighbor
Tarot: Eight of Wands
Numbers: 3 & 32
Sabbat/Holiday:  Saint Pelagia (Catholic/Christian) 


Friday, October 9 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: Coral
Gem/Stone: Zeolite
Moon Sign:  Virgo
Incense: Alder
Intention: To Soften Your Boss Or Co-Workers
Tarot:  Page Of Swords
Numbers: 19 & 29
Sabbat/Holiday:  Alphabet Day (South Korea)


Saturday, October 10 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: Black
Gem/Stone: Pearl
Moon Sign:  Virgo
Incense: Ivy
Intention:  To Revive An Old Situation
Tarot:  Ace of Pentacles
Numbers: 3 & 7
Sabbat/Holiday: Health Day (Japanese)