30 September 2015

October Announcements ~

As many of your know, October is one of our two busiest months of the year.  Therefore, we must tweak our policy to suit the season.  These changes are in effect from October 1 until November 1, and then we're back to our normal policy.  Thank you!

October Announcements ~

After ordering a service or product, please email us at CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com.

October is our absolute busiest month of the year.  We are back-to-back with work and we cherish every moment of it.  However, we are asking for your patience regarding response time to email.

Requests for services, such as readings or spell work, will be responded to first.  Response time is within 24 hours.  We are asking that you actually order the service through Pay Pal PRIOR to contacting
Customer Care.  

General email will be responded to next.  Response time from Customer Care during this month only may be up to 3 business days.

Free Energy Updates and Energy Updates included with packages are not available during the month of October due to time restrictions.  If you have a certain number of free energy updates with your spell package, they will cease during October and resume in November (you will not lose them).Emergency Energy Updates are available as a booked service.  If you need an emergency Energy Update, the cost is $40 through October only.  After October, free/included energy updates will again apply and
chargeable energy updates will be the regular rate of $30.

Please allow up to 72 hours (not including weekends) to receive results from emergency email readings during the month of October.  Please allow up to an additional 72 hours (not including weekends) to receive emergency results on longer (intense specialty) email readings.  Emergency live readings are available.
Email Customer Care for details.  Non-emergency email reading results will be delievered to your inbox between 2 and 14 days - depending upon the type of reading it is and how many are booked ahead of yours.   We will let you know when to expect your results.

Live appointments are booked 2 to 5 business days in advance this month.

Unless otherwise stated above, please allow 7 to 21 days for your do-it-yourself handmade magickal items to be created during the month of October (and going into November if ordered in October).  This means (unless otherwise stated) that your item will be mailed after 7 to 21 days.  This applies to professional spell package items that are shipped as well.

Charmed Objects & Enchanted Jewelry will be shipped within 3 days of ordering since those items are ready to go.

Please allow up to 8 weeks for Customer Care to process proof of spell casting videos and photos that are performed this month.

Autumn Mist will not be reading or responding to general email through October.  Customer Care can answer most of your questions, book services, and handle spell and product inquiries.  However, if you still need to speak to Autumn Mist, you must go through Customer Care and book a consultation.   After October, she will again be on normal business hours and able to read and respond to her own email.

For your convenience, Customer Care can also be reached most week days between noon and 8 p.m. EST at 1-888-693-8437 Extension  05227954.  There is a small charge of .50 per minute for the call to distinguish serious inquiries from frivolous ones.  Emailing us is free.

Before ordering ANY product or service through this page or our website, please read our Terms of Service.  Must be 18+ to receive products or services from this site.  All products and services are for entertainment or spiritual purposes only and do not replace legal, medical or financial advice from trained professionals in those fields.  There are no guarantees or returns.  All sales final.   If you order from our site, you full agree to our terms.

Moonlight Enchantments LLC, www.MoonlightEnchantments.com, MoonChants, Moon Chants, Moonlight Enchantments Magical (Magickal) Boutique, Moonlight Enchantments, its owner and/or
agents are no responsible for any accident, injury, damage, allergic, or health reaction from use of our products or services.

Everything on our website is COPYRIGHTED and TRADEMARKED with REGISTERED ISBN's!  All Rights Reserved.   2005 - 2015

27 September 2015


October Reminder ~ Please View Our Specials Page!

If you need an intense, detailed reading or an extremely powerful spell, now is the time to act!

We also have magickal items on sale as well!

Please view our October policies as well at the bottom of the page. 

Questions?  Please contact us! 

Thank you for your business and your friendship!



New Fall Special Added!
If you're interested in joining our Full Moon Casting for the MOST POWERFUL FULL MOON this year.  For Details ~
To order at that lower rate, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com. Thank you!!


The Walking Dead - Charmed Object

This is especially for ONE die-hard Fan of The Walking Dead
Details ~

Royal Amethyst Power Necklace

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Royal Amethyst Power Necklace


Magickal Correspondences For The Week Of September 27

Sunday, September 27 ~
Waxing Moon Until Full Moon At 10:51 p.m. EST
Color: Amber
Gem/Stone: Thulite
Moon Sign:  Pisces, Entering Aries 3:29 p.m. EST
Incense: Eucalyptus
Intention: Complete Power
Tarot: The Magician
Numbers: 1 & 99
Sabbat/Holiday: Saints Cosmos & Damian (Catholic/Christian)


Monday, September 28 ~
Waning Moon In The Third Quarter
Color: Ivory
Gem/Stone:  Violan
Moon Sign: Aries
Incense: Rosemary
Intention:  Powerful Defensive
Tarot:  Queen of Swords
Numbers:  13 & 88
Sabbat/Holiday: Sukkot/Succot (Jewish)


Tuesday, September 29 ~
Waning Moon In The Third Quarter
Color: Black
Gem/Stone: Danburite 
Moon Sign: Aries, Entering Taurus at 2:57 p.m. EST
Incense: Cinnamon
Intention:  Business Defense
Tarot: Knight Of Swords
Numbers: 11 & 47
Sabbat/Holiday:  Michaelmas/Saint Michael (Catholic/Christian)


Wednesday, September 30 ~
Waning Moon In The Third Quarter
Color: Orange
Gem/Stone: Desert Rose
Moon Sign: Taurus
Incense:  Bay Laurel
Intention:  Pet Protection
Tarot:  Ten of Pentacles
Numbers: 10 & 22
Sabbat/Holiday: Saint Jerome's Day (Catholic/Christian)


Thursday, October 1 ~
Waning Moon In The Third Quarter
Color: Dusty Rose
Gem/Stone: Uvarovite 
Moon Sign: Taurus, Entering Gemini at 4:03 p.m. EST
Incense: Carnation
Intention:  To Save a Troubled Marriage/Relationship
Tarot: The Lovers
Numbers: 3 & 32
Sabbat/Holiday:  Saint Therese of Lisieux  (Catholic/Christian)


Friday, October 2 ~
Waning Moon In The Third Quarter
Color: Purple
Gem/Stone: Zeolite
Moon Sign:  Gemini
Incense: Pumpkin
Intention: To End a Disturbing Relationship or Situation
Tarot:  Page Of Swords
Numbers: 14 & 17
Sabbat/Holiday:   Ukrainian Vikings Day


Saturday, October 3 ~
Waning Moon In The Third Quarter
Color: Red
Gem/Stone: Zinc
Moon Sign:  Germini Entering Cancer at 8:22 p.m. EST
Incense: Sandalwood
Intention:  To  Bring Enemies To Justice
Tarot:  Ace of Swords
Numbers: 9 & 28
Sabbat/Holiday:  October Festival (Netherlands)