23 September 2015

Gothic Votive Candles

Gothic Votive Candles for vigils, spell work, and boosting energy.  Black repels negativity and brings about change.  If you need a little magick, this is a very easy way.  These are not on the site, but I made several for local clients, friends, and family.  I decided to offer them to you as well.   They're handmade with special oils and crushed herbs.  Glitter not included - they're solid black.  I consecrated them on Mabon so they're ready to make magick! Right now, I have 12 ready-to-ship.  $15 each plus $3 shipping and $1 for each additional candle.  If you'd like to order, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with your PayPal email address, and let us know how many you want.  Thank you!!  Many Blessings!

Happy Fall!!

BLESSED MABON ~ Autumn Equinox!
We're enjoying some pumpkin coffee and charging supplies for our SUPER MOON SPELL on the 27th. That's when the true magick begins for the season!
Wishing you a wonderful day of love, light, rest, and prosperity!