12 September 2015

Fundraiser & Correspondences

The fundraiser is going extremely well.  Thanks to all who participated so far!  The deadline for receiving questions is Sunday at 2 p.m. EST.  This deadline is solid with no exceptions so I can guarantee delivery of all reading results by the end of the weekend.

ALSO ~ The blog post on Magickal Correspondences will be delayed by a day due to the fundraiser.

Thank you!!!

Royal Amethyst Power Necklace - Multi/Permanent Magick


Royal Amethyst Power Necklace - Multi-Purpose Permanent Magick in a Beautiful Necklace

This piece is incredible.  Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, but it's drenched in extreme high magick. 

Unlike my great grandmother, Rose, who was an Irish Traditional Witch skilled in hedge magick, her mother-in-law, my great great grandmother, Lady Catherine, practiced only high magick.  Because of this, she used many elaborate charms that were created just for her and consecrated by her and a group of magickal friends. 

The story of the necklace ~

Lady Catherine was from Northern Europe, but she traveled the world.  She would often visit Africa.  During one of her trips, she had an artisan jeweler make this special necklace for her.  She chose the stones and the precise design.  When she returned to Europe, she consecrated it with intense high magick for its purpose.  She wore it often for the remainder of her life, and it never failed her - not even once.  After her passing, the necklace was bequeathed to her daughter-in-law (my great grandmother).  She used it several times as well with the very same power and effect.  It never failed for her either - not even once.  Upon the passing of my great grandmother, the necklace went to my cousin.  She's worn the necklace a total of seven times.  Each time, it worked for her.   My cousin gave the necklace to me last year for my birthday.

The "power of three times two" is in this necklace since it's layered six times.  The first layer is for attraction, allure, and confidence in any situation.  The second string is for strong protection.  The third is for immediate defense against harm or malicious tongues.  The fourth is for lies to surface, secrets to be revealed, and for the person you're addressing to be completely truthful.  The fifth string is to attract or reaffirm lust, passion, desire, and love.  The last layer is for intuition, psychic intensity, and complete power.

The necklace is made of authentic African Amethysts - even the clasp.  It's purple, of course, the color of power.  It's a heavy necklace and appears to be shining and new yet it's a one-of-a-kind antique.   It was designed from direction of my great great grandmother and there's no other like it in the world.

I have very few things from my great great grandmother, Catherine.  She was nobility descended from royalty from centuries gone by.  However, there was no inheritance for my grandfather's generation or lower.  We're only descendants of royalty and nobility - not royal or noble ourselves.   Therefore, we have no money or property inheritance, other than a few pieces of memories.  And as much as I would love to keep this necklace, I simply cannot wear it.  I'm not a necklace person, and even if I was, it's too overwhelming for me in weight and appearance.  But it would work perfectly well for someone else.  And that special person is missing out on the power and extreme magick of this lovely piece if it's just stored away in a jewelry box.  So that's why I'm selling it. 

If you're drawn to it, it's meant to be yours. 

$1,800    Lay Away Available! 

If you're interested in purchasing this item, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with your PayPal email address.  We ship worldwide.  However, this particular item only ships within the U.S. due to tracking restrictions.  Free Shipping!    One available on a first come, first serve basis!

Note:  I cannot verify the story of this necklace since it came to me from my cousins (obviously, not my great great grandmother), and I never used the necklace myself.  However, I have two pictures of my great great grandmother. Although they're black and white, what appears to be this very necklace is shown in both of those pictures.  Further, there has never been a "made up" story in my family history.  All stories, whether they were linked to items or not, have been eventually verified.  And by just holding this necklace, you can feel a sizzling intense energy from it.

11 September 2015

Cancer Fundraiser


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and
Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month. Soooooo we are doing a weekend long fundraiswer for these two causes!

September 12 & 13 - We will be performing email readings at only $10 per question. The answers for each question will be about three sentences long. Autumn Mist will be performing all readings.

Don't send payment to Moonlight Enchantments. Donations for childhood cancer are going directly to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital on their donation page. Donatiions for Leukemia & Lymphoma are going directly to their Society page. You could donate to either or both. Just email copies of your receipts to Admin@MoonlightEnchantments.com along with your questions.

We will be accepting questions those days only - not in advance.  All readings will be done on a first come, first serve basis.  Depending upon how many requests come in, it may take a day or two for you to receive results.

You must prove your donation for your reading to be performed. Please be generous and give extra if you can. All proceeds of this fundraiser (as with all of our fundraisers) goes directly to helping children and adults with cancer. We keep nothing!!

To donate to St. Jude -

To donate to Leukemia/Lymphoma - https://donate.lls.org/lls/donate

Thank you!

07 September 2015



50% Off ANYTHING On This Page ~

Enchanted Jewelry

From Now Until 10 p.m. EST Tuesday!

Lay Away Available!

(Not good with any other offer or special.)

September Give Away Winner!

Rita Capringale is the winner of our September Give Away!  Congratulations, Rita!  Please email us at CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com.  Thank you!

06 September 2015

Magickal Correspondences ~ The Week of September 6, 2015

Sunday, September 6 ~
Waning Moon, Entering The Fourth Quarter at 5:54 a.m. EST
Color: Gold
Gem/Stone: Sugilite 
Moon Sign:  Gemini, Entering Cancer at 1:40 p.m. EST
Incense: Hyacinth
Intention: Child Defense 
Tarot: The High Priestess
Numbers:  18 & 19
Sabbat/Holiday: Virgin of Ramadies (Spanish) 


Monday, September 7 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: White
Gem/Stone: Chrysocolla
Moon Sign: Cancer
Incense: Neroli
Intention:  Business Defense 
Tarot:  King of Pentacles 
Numbers:  17 & 27 
Sabbat/Holiday: Labor Day 


Tuesday, September 8 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: Gray
Gem/Stone: Malachite
Moon Sign:  Cancer, Entering Leo at 10:36 p.m. EST
Incense: Basil
Intention:  Long Life For Mothers & Grandmothers  
Tarot:  The World 
Numbers: 2 & 7
Sabbat/Holiday: Birthday of the Virgin Mary


Wednesday, September 9 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: Yellow
Moon Sign:  Cancer
Incense:  Marjoram
Intention:  To Repair a Damaged Marriage 
Tarot:  Two of Cups
Numbers: 34 & 70
Sabbat/Holiday: Flower Fest (Japanese)


Thursday, September 10 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: Crimson
Gem/Stone:  Pyrite
Moon Sign: Leo,
Incense: Apricot
Intention:  To Repair a Friendship 
Tarot:  Four of Swords 
Numbers:  22 & 35  
Sabbat/Holiday: Festival of Poets


Friday, September 11 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: Rose
Gem/Stone: Amythest
Moon Sign: Leo Entering Virgo at 9:56 a.m. EST
Incense: Yarrow
Intention: Pet Protection & Defense
Tarot:  Seven of Swords
Numbers:  18 & 98 
Sabbat/Holiday:  Star Day


Saturday, September 12 ~
Waning Moon In The Fourth Quarter
Color: Blue
Moon Sign:  Virgo
Incense: Pine
Intention: To End Animal Cruelty 
Tarot:  Knight of Swords
Numbers: 49 & 72 
Sabbat/Holiday:  National Day (Ethiopian)

Princess Glamour Enchanted Ring

Princess Glamour Enchanted Ring!   Not on the site yet!
This is an exclusive piece of Enchanted Jewelry - permanent magick!  This is one of my secret treasures!
This sparkly, gorgeous ring is laced with pure beauty magick.

I bought this ring out of the country at a magickal shoppe two decades ago during my honeymoon.  The owner of the shoppe was an old seasoned witch who actually knew of my great great grandmother's reputation as being the most powerful witch in Ireland for her time.   He was so impressed by my energy that he presented me with a wedding gift - the ring.  I insisted on paying for it so he greatly discounted it.  The gentleman told me his mother satuated the ring in beauty magick and that the owner of the ring would always appear extremely beautiful, more attractive, and much younger while her unattractive features were hidden.  He called it princess glamour.  (A Glamour is an illusion brought about by magickal energy to either enhance something that's actually there or make something appear to be there that isn't - by semblance perception.)

I took the ring home and sized it.  It projects amazing energy, and I used it on many special occasions.  One year later, my best friend was faced with a serious illness and had to undergo medical treatments.  Since I had so many ways to perform beauty magick (and really didn't need it in my 20s!), I gave the ring to her to lift her spirits and make her feel beautiful during a dark time in her life.   She wore the ring daily during her treatments, and she definitely appeared beautiful.  She made a full recovery (through prayer and medical treatment, not the ring - the ring is for beauty and attraction only).  I told her to keep the ring as my gift to her.   Last year, she brought it back to me.  She told me story after story about how the ring worked for her, and she was totally thrilled with it.  Her exact words were, "it's the most powerful magick you've ever given me."  But after having the ring for 19 years, she thought it should come back to me which was a very nice surprise.

Since I received the ring back a year ago, I sage cleansed it with a powerful ritual, taking all the previous negative energy from it and only leaving the core magick attached to it.  I also performed an extremely powerful beauty spell upon the ring to charge and boost the original magick in place.  So now it's ready to go to its rightful owner.

The duties of this ring are to make you appear beautiful, striking, attractive, desirable, and appealing in every way to everyone around you.  It's an attention getter!  It could shadow any unattractive features you have causing others to see these features as beautiful;  it can largely enhance your attractive features; and it could literally make you appear 10 to 15 years younger.  It only works for the owner, and it shouldn't be lent out to anyone.

The ring is a 14K gold band.  I know that for sure because I had it sized down to a 4 (my ring size), and only "real gold" can be sized. I realize that size is very small.   When my friend owned it, she wore it on a gold chain around her neck since it was too small for her finger.  It may fit some as a pinky ring - or could be worn on a chain.  I'm uncertain if the stone is a real diamond or not since the gentleman who sold it to me wasn't sure.  My friend said that she brought it to an expert and was told that it is an authentic diamond.  However, since I, myself, did not speak to the expert, I can't verify this either way.  I can tell you that it shines beautifully and has not faded at all.  The picture shows six prongs but it's actually a four prong. The stone appears to be about a half to full carat.  It's petite and feminine.  

The ring should not be handled by anyone other than the owner.  That could permanently taint the energy - depending upon the person handling it.  Therefore, when the ring is not in use, please hide it in a place where nobody can tamper with it.

Only one available and lay-away is an option with this item. If you're interested, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with your PayPal email address. As with all limited items, this item is availabe on a first come, first serve basis. 

$1,500.  Free shipping. If you're interested in lay-away, please read our lay-away terms and contact us. http://www.moonlightenchantments.com/PaymentGiftCredit.html (second option on that page). 

PLEASE READ OUR TERMS BEFORE ORDERING FROM US!  Purchasing from us is an acknowledgement that you read and agree to our terms.  THANK YOU!