04 September 2015

In Your Dreams . . .

Rain ~

If you dream of being out in a beautiful shower, pleasure and prosperity are coming your way.    If you escape getting wet from rain, your plans will be successful.  If you see rain outside your window, it means that fortune and love are stirring around you.  To hear the patter of rain indicates martial or domestic happiness, excitement, and joy.  If your roof is leaking in a dream, it denotes forbidden pleasures will be yours by unexpected means.  If you dream of a flood in your home, a secret of yours will be exposed to the world.  To hear hard, voilent rain on your rooftop fortells offending someone close to you or a busines associate.  To see it rain on someone you know means that you should't trust him or her.  If it rains on an animal in  your dream, it denotes disappointment in business or conflict in social circles.  If there is a dark cloud in your dream, it means that you will be overwhelmed with things in your business or personal life.  Storms always mean misfortune, loss, or sadness.  A rainbow indicates rising above adversity, intense fortune, success, and happiess.

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31 August 2015

September 2015 Give Away!


Thanks to a donation from Jenny Mitchell​, we're giving away a beautiful Divine Magic Doll!  To be included in the give away, please "like" this post ON OUR MAIN FACEBOOK PAGE.  Your name will be entered.  If you "share" on our main Facebook page, your name will be entered twice.

The winner will be chosen and announced on September 7.    Please read about the doll here ~
Divine Magic Doll

NOTE:  The picture is one of my personal dolls.  The doll in the give away is similar.