19 August 2015

Unique Dolls - Infused Speilwerk (Christian Magick) for Permanent Protection/Defense!

A childhood friend of mine named Gerta is a fine Amish folk artist.  She lives next door to my family home in Lancaster, and we've been very close friends for over 30 years.  Gerta is also a seasoned practitioner of Speilwerk (also known as Braucherei) which is Christian Folk Magick (practiced by the Pennsylvania Dutch).  I recently suggested that she combine her practice of Speilwerk with her folk art tradition of doll making to create faceless dolls for protection and defense magick purposes.  She agreed, and now we are working together on this project.

Faceless dolls are a tradition of the Old Order Amish.  Their precise origins are unclear but they were made and used for about 300 years.  The original dolls were faceless for religions reasons. The Amish, very modest, believe that all people are created equal and equal in the Eyes of God.  The unembellished appearnce of the doll reflects this.  Antique faceless dolls are sold for upwards of $1,000.

The process of making the dolls is considered folk art.  The dolls created for you are authentic, high-quality, handmade, sewn rag dolls dressed in Amish clothing.  They are 15" high and sturdy.  After the doll is created, Gerta will smudge it and satuate it with Speilwerk protection and defense magick.  After I receive it, I will do the same by my own tradition of magick - which is also Christian based.   Therefore, the doll will be doubly charmed.  The item can be played with by a child or put with your doll collection.  It can be passed down for generations, and the magick is permanently locked in.

The purpose of the female doll as a magickal charm is for home protection, family protection, business & property protection, financial protection, and protection from physical harm or danger.  The male doll is a defender and projects justice as well. It can be used as a shield and mirror bad behavior back to somebody after it's projected towards you or your loved ones.  It can also protect you from gossip, enemies and betrayals. Instructions are included.

Please note that these dolls can only be infused with Christian Magick as Gerta, and other Pennsylvania Dutch, only practice Speilwerk/Braucherei which is deep in their heritage and ONLY and ALWAYS Christian entirely.  There is no element of paganism or any other magickal tradition in Braucherei.  Therefore if you request a doll, that is how it will be created for you.

The dolls are not made in advance.  When one is ordered, the process begins. So your doll will be made especially for you.  Your doll will be shipped approximately three weeks after your order is placed.

Male dolls and female dolls are $135 each.   If purchased together, it is $250 ($20 discount).  Shipping is $15 flat-rate within the U.S.  International flat-rate shipping is $25.

These items are not listed on the site yet.  They will be by the end of the month.  However, if you'd like to order now, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with your PayPal email address, your mailing address, and which doll you'd like.

Thank you!

18 August 2015

In Your Dreams . . .

Teeth ~

If you have an ordinary dream and clearly see regular teeth, it portends unpleasant dealings with difficult people or sickness. 
To dream your teeth are loose means failures and bad news.  If you dream a dentist is pulling your teeth, it foretells a serious illness that may linger for quite some time.  Cavities show you will recover lost valuables (borrowed money, lost jewelry, etc.) after a period of stress over the items.  If you brush your teeth in a dream, expect that you will struggle to preserve your place in life or material possessions in reality.  False teeth predicts severe burdens.  Losing teeth means to lose relationships in your waking life.  If your teeth are knocked out in your dream, it means abrupt misfortune is coming your way - serious but you will escape death or accident.  To examine your own teeth is your intuition telling you to be careful of those you trust - they could be secret enemies.  Be careful in business and affairs of the heart.  Decayed teeth means your business or health will suffer so take extra care.  Spitting out teeth is a sign of sickness - yours or someone very close to you.  To see white, beautiful teeth indicates your wishes will be granted, and you will live a long, happy life. 

Note ~ Dreams are often warnings and should be taken as such.  If you dream of something unpleasant, it indicates that you still have a chance to prevent the unpleasant event in reality.  Pay attention to the signs and adjust things accordingly!

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17 August 2015

Liquid Love Potion ~ Secret Eternal Desire Edition

This is a special edition of our Liquid Love Potion (Secret Eternal Desire) and it works in two ways ~ This sweet love potion could draw the perfect mate, aid an existing relationship, add romance to a first date or assist with any other love, relationship or romance matter.
It also creates fiery desire, fervent lust, & frantic sensuality. Your target could easily fall in deep love with you, need you, want you, fantasize and dream about you and no others - causing an improved relationship or confession of his true feelings. Complete loyalty and obsession is the focus of this potion.
And the potion can also act as a "truth serum" if you believe your significant other may be hiding something.
This formula has 9 secret components, and the magickal effects last for 18 hours after application!
The scent is incredibly sexy, breathtaking, and heavenly. Totally unique as it's my own creation. It comes to you in a beautiful high-quality, reusable, Victorian European crystal perfume bottle, handmade, and cruelty-free.
The bottles are approximately 2.5 x 2. Liquid is a high-quality oil based so be careful of clothing. A little goes a long way.
Only two available for immediate shipment. One purple bottle and one blue bottle - available on a first come, first serve basis.
After these two are gone, please allow up to two weeks for your order to be shipped. Please specify which bottle you prefer.
$200 Free Shipping within the U.S. $10 flat rate for international customers.
If you'd like to order, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with your PayPal email adddresses and bottle preference.
Thank you!!

16 August 2015

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Magickal Correspondences For The Week Of August 16, 2015

Sunday, August 16 ~
Waxing Moon In The First Quarter
Color: Gold
Gem/Stone: Agate Geode
Moon Sign: Virgo
Incense: Almond
Intention:  To Draw Friendships
Tarot: Three of Cups
Numbers:  1 & 4
Sabbat/Holiday:  Festival of Minstrels (European)


Monday, August 17 ~
Waxing Moon In The First Quarter
Color: Ivory 
Gem/Stone: Alexandrite
Moon Sign: Virgo, Entering Libra at 4:23 p.m. EST
Incense: Mystic
Intention: Spiritual Grounding & Centering
Tarot: Temperance
Numbers:  28 & 33
Sabbat/Holiday:  Sunset Ritual


Tuesday, August 18 ~
Waxing Moon In The First Quarter
Color: Scarlet
Gem/Stone: Morganite
Moon Sign:  Libra
Incense: Geranium
Intention: To Mend An Estranged Relationship
Tarot: The Star
Numbers: 17 & 46
Sabbat/Holiday: Saint Helen's Day


Wednesday, August 19 ~
Waxing Moon In The First Quarter
Color: Brown
Gem/Stone: Color-Change Sapphire
Moon Sign:  Libra
Incense: Bay Laurel
Intention: A Marriage Proposal
Tarot: The Sun
Numbers: 15 & 29
Sabbat/Holiday: Rustic Vanalia (Roman)


Thursday, August 20 ~
Waxing Moon In The First Quarter
Color: Turquoise
Gem/Stone: Strawberry Quartz
Moon Sign: Libra, Entering Scorpio at 5:24 a.m. EST
Incense: Balsam
Intention:  Fertility
Tarot: The Empress
Numbers: 6 & 9
Sabbat/Holiday:  Constitution Day (Hungarian)


Friday, August 21 ~
Waxing Moon In The First Quarter
Color: White 
Gem/Stone: Tanzanite
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Incense: Alder
Intention:  Autumn Preparation
Tarot: Death
Numbers:  13 & 25
Sabbat/Holiday:  Pre-Autumn Spell Night


Saturday, August 22 ~
Waxing Moon Enters The Second Quarter at 3:31 p.m. EST
Color: Gray
Gem/Stone: Hiddenite
Moon Sign:  Scorpio, Entering Saggitarius at 4:41 p.m. EST
Incense: Rue
Intention:  New Business Venture/Job Change
Tarot:  High Priestess
Numbers:  1 & 33
Sabbat/Holiday: Feast of The Queenship of Mary (England)