13 August 2015

Magickal Violet & Ivy

Herbs can lift your mood, clear your energy, and put you on a path to health, happiness, and success.  Slowly but surely, they can enhance spell work in motion or stand alone as a magickal tool for change.  Ivy and Violet are two of my favorite.

Ivy ~

To overcome low energy, lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, stress - and headaches, stomachaches, or body aches resulting from emotional distress. 

Use it in a tea, salve, or an elixir.  You could use this within spell work or solely to slowly pour out magickal energy. 

Ground, fresh ivy works best. 

Violet ~

To overcome heartbreak, sadness, grief, and to draw peace, tranquility, and harmony.  It also is known to relieve neck, back, and shoulder tension, sore ribs, and a tight chest. 

This, as well, may be consumed in a tea, an elixir, or directly on the body as a salve.  You also may eat it freshly in a salad or with fruit. 

Fresh violet is the best.  Common violet oil is synthetic so you want to avoid that.

Herbal Charm ~

One Part Ivy
One Part Violet
One Part Sage
One Part Bay Leaf

Wrap in a small cloth and tie tightly with a rubber band.  Place it in your purse, pocket, dresser drawer, office, car, or any other place where you need a magickal boost.  The charm will hold power for 31 days from the day you create it.

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NOTE:  Please keep herbs and flowers away from pets and children.   Please do not use if you're allergic to ivy, violet, sage, and/or bay leaves.  Check with your doctor before consuming any herb or flower.  Moonlight Enchantments LLC, Moon Chants, www.MoonlightEnchantments.com, Moonlight Enchantments Magickal Boutique, and MoonlightEnchantmentsllc.blogspot.com are not responsible for any allergic reaction, accident, or injury relating to use of the herbs mentioned above. 

10 August 2015

European Gothic Perfume Oil Bottle Pendant

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This is absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful way to store your Gothic Perfume Oil. The Bottle Pendant, itself, is enchanted with magick, and the perfume oil inside is customized according to the goal - beauty, love, desires, money, luck, protection, etc. (The bottle will be filled with one of our Gothic Perfume Oils.) The scent is amazing, and wearing the scent will enhance the magickal effect of the pendant. And since this is a hanging pendant, you can wear it as a necklace with easy access to your oil for a quick reapply!

The style is an exact replica from Medieval days. It is handmade of the highest quality and carefully created in Eastern Europe. It's lavender in color, jeweled and embraced with pewter, silver plating, and patina. The chain included is 30 inches in length; the bottle is approximately 2 inches; the width is approximately 1.5 inches. It holds .17 oz. It can be used over and over again with our perfume oils.

Included with your bottle pendant is a .5 oz. bottle of one of our Gothic Perfume Oils listed here ~http://www.moonlightenchantments.com/PERFUMEOILS.html
(Top Four listed are our biggest sellers.) It will be magickally boxed and bagged and charged for use upon arriving to you. (Funnel not included, and the perfume oil will be in a separate bottle.)

Shipping is $5 within the U.S. and $10 flat for international customers. Please allow two weeks for this item to be shipped. If you'd like to order before it's listed on the site, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with your PayPal Email address and the type of Gothic Perfume Oil you'd like included. Questions? Ask away!

Thank you!

09 August 2015

In Your Dreams . . .

A House ~

If you dream of building a house, you will be making wise decisions in your life.  This can be any aspect of life - from love to money.

If you dream of an elegant house, your luck and fortune will change for the better.

If the house in your dream is in ruin, this indicates misfortune and declining health.  Pay close attention to finances and your health and stress levels.

If you fear a house in your dream, you're facing an aggressive or stressful situation in your waking world.  Resolve it quickly.

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