18 July 2015

The Magick Behind Our Do-It Yourself Items ~

These are items that are sold individually on the site - such as SHINE Spell Gloss, Gothic Perfume Oils, Spell Candles, Enchanted Dusts, Perfume Potions, etc. (all individually sold items that are not attached to a spell package).

I create the item with the proper magickally charged ingredients,
tools, colors, and when necessary, timing, so it's conducive with meeting your goal. I also consecrate the item for your use, but that's only half of
the process. The most important part comes from you. The magick projected by the item (and from it) comes directly from you. The goal is set by you, and the magick is released by you.

It's much like a match.  A match is ready to create fire but it doesn't unless it's lit.  The person lighting the match is in control of the fire it projects.  The very same applies to our do-it-yourself products.  You light the fire and direct it.  You could blow it out quickly or build it up to the sky.  I have absolutely nothing to do with that end of the process.  My role was making a match for you.  The rest is all in your hands.

If you want something more powerful in which I take charge of the entire process, please order one of my professional spell packages.  They are professional spells which are created and cast by me on your behalf, and you receive an entire "package of things" with each one.


17 July 2015


Three posted so far!  Please view our Facebook page to see them and more all weekend long!


15 July 2015

Our handsome and talented "sorcerer", Jarle, will be performing live online chat readings next week. He can give you a man's perspective on love and romance - or answer any questions you have on any issue. His tool of choice is the dark Gothic Tarot.
The cost is $150 for 15 minutes or $275 for 30 minutes. If you'd like to book, please send payment via PayPal to AutumnMist@MoonlightEnchantments.com with the subject line: Jarle. Then please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with available days and times, along with your time zone. Again, the reading will be live via online chat through AOL (AIM).
Also, Jarle is available for dark love, justice, binding, protection, and balancing spells along with a proof of casting option. Please let us know if you're interested.
To view Jarle's profile, please click here ~http://www.moonlightenchantments.com/JarleOlsen.html

13 July 2015