09 July 2015

Why Some Predictions Don't Materialize . . .
by Autumn Mist

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While the past and the present can be seen with complete ease, thorough understanding and with an extremely high accuracy from a seasoned psychic advisor, the very best psychics in the world, at best, can predict the future with about 85 percent overall accuracy; overall meaning, near future predictions at about 60 percent and far future predictions at approximately 25 percent accuracy.   And this is from the very best psychics in the world!  The reason for this is that the future is not set in stone.  It is subject to change every second of every minute of every hour of every day.  Our gift of free will proves there is no such thing as destiny.  If there was, we'd all be mindless robots with no decision-making power at all.  

Near future predictions are more accurate than far future predictions.  The future path a legitimate professional psychic shows you could definitely happen IF the natural course of events is permitted to flow but it’s only for that particular option.  You have many options, and a psychic should be able to show you each and every one.  She should be able to show you the possible future based on real happenings being formed today due to our intentions, our motives, our emotions, our abilities, our limitations and universal energy.   Predictions are entirely based upon present matter, nothing else.  And everything that will naturally occur has the chance of changing due to our free will actions and the shifting of energy, and that’s why you should be given options by your advisor rather than promised predictions that can be disappointing if they don't come to pass.  She should inform you of all paths at hand and your best course of action to meet a favorable end.

When a psychic sees into the future, she sees one road that will happen if things remain as they are at the time of the reading.  If a person’s intent stays exactly as it is that day and if the universal (environmental) energy surrounding the situation stays the same as that day.   In other words, if nothing earth-shattering happens or nothing drastic occurs at the hands of another person relating to the situation.  When a psychic focuses on the prediction itself, these obstacles are sometimes seen due to unstable energy BUT stable intent.  If this is the case, then a TIME FRAME predictioncan’t be accurately made BUT a prediction itself still could be made.  And sometimes the obstacles are unseen because at the time of the reading, the energy is currently stable and steady, so a prediction could be made WITH a time frame that still may or may not occur.  If it occurs, things have remained as they had been seen with stable, steady intent and energy flow.  If it doesn't occur, this is due to an abrupt, sudden change.  
God is the only one who knows if and when there will be an abrupt, sudden change or if things will remain as they are so the prediction comes to pass.  

You have a direct hand in making predictions occur as well.  An example is this . . . Say I see you in a car accident tomorrow.  I'll tell you that if you go out of your house tomorrow morning, you will be involved in a car accident.  I base this prediction on current intent and energy surrounding you.  You know, then, there is a high likelihood that if you leave your house in the morning, you will have a car accident.  However, the choice is still yours whether or not to leave your house.  It is not the choice of 
your psychic or even God, because God, Himself, blessed you with free will.  A futuristic reading should be only to show your options.  Not to set your destiny.   

Other people also have an influence over what happens in your life if it’s directly pertaining to their own lives.  And although you can’t control their actions or decisions, you can control yours as a result of theirs.  And that’s another reason psychic counseling is an effective tool.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that no psychic is 100 percent accurate, and this is because nobody is 100 percent right all the time.  Any psychic who claims to be 100 percent accurate all the time is scamming the public and dishonestly elevating themselves to the level of God.  Some readings themselves are 100 percent accurate although the psychic as a whole is not 100 percent 
accurate with every reading all the time.  However, some readings themselves are less than 100 percent accurate even if the psychic is an excellent reader.  If this is the case, it doesn't imply the entire reading is wrong.  It indicates that perhaps one point or prediction is off and the remainder of the reading may be right on track.  Please don't lose confidence in any reading if a point or two is off at times.  The very best psychics on earth are off at times.  

Don’t expect a psychic to be a miracle worker.  Although God doesn't control our will, He is the only one who truly knows the future outcome of every situation.  He’s the only one who knows if someone will shift current intentions (causing a prediction NOT to occur) and exactly when earthly energy will create a natural disaster.  Although we know what could happen, He knows all the interferences that will happen to alter any future prediction made by a psychic.   He knows this simply because He's God, and that’
s why he has an edge over us.  Psychics are humans.  God is God.  

I encourage clients not to constrict themselves by waiting for a prediction to occur but to take control, exercise free will and be proactive with your life path. Disappointment can be avoided by learning of your best options and best course of action in which a good, honest psychic will present to you rather than promising a future that may or may not occur.  Predictions should be used as a guide 
only!  And since most people do view predictions as absolute and are stifled, enslaved and restricted by future predictions, in my practice, I reserve the right not to (always) predict the future but to advise clients and lead them towards their best course of action and/or show them options based on all possible choices. THIS promotes independence and empowers clients! Living on predictions alone promotes limitations and psychic dependency!

And these are the reasons some predictions simply don’t materialize and others do.

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08 July 2015

Spell Casting Scams - How To Know Them & How To Avoid Them ~

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1.  Money-Back Guarantees.  Avoid purchasing a spell from someone who offers a money back guarantee.  If, in fact, they actually cast your spell, they certainly won't refund your money.  Spells take too much work via consultation, energy reads (before, during and after the casting), preparing the tools, writing the spell, casting time and energy and purchasing supplies to just hand over a refund if the casting doesn't work properly.  The money-back guarantee ploy is just a way to get you in the door.

2.  Extortion or Blackmail.  Don't trust a caster who pushes spells on you or frightens you into purchasing more and more services.  A caster should advertise his or her service.  You should approach the caster if you're interested but not be harassed or threatened by fear tactics.

3.  Biological Samples.  Don't be fooled by casters asking for biological samples in order to cast a spell.  I must add biological samples are helpful in some cases, but they are not necessary for a successful casting.  The thing about bio samples is, they need to come from the person you're casting upon.  If a spell caster is working directly on the person who hired her, then bio samples would help.  But if it's a spell on anybody else (love, justice, job-related, etc.), bio samples from the client would have no use.  The most success spells prevail without biological samples.  Think about it. If you're in love from a distance, you can't very well approach the object of your affection and cut a lock of his hair or ask for a fingernail clipping.  Some unethical casters ask for these samples to blackmail you later if you do not purchase more services.

4.  Cheap Charms or Talismans.  Don't fall for the cheap charm trick.  Charms and talismans are much different thanand separate from spells.  You don't need to wear a talisman or charm for your spell to be successful.  Just like you don't need to use a Rosary to pray the Rosary.  The object and the prayer are different.  The object and the spell are different as well.  Some unethical casters use this to show they are "doing" somethingwhen it's completely unnecessary.  Others want to send you a charm to blame you if the casting fails, stating you didn't follow the instructions or your energy tainted the charm.

5.  Professionals Who Belittle Other Professionals Are Not Professional.  Don't use an online magickal shop or magickal practitioner if he or she belittles others in the profession by name or website - or who polices the professionby spending time and energy "eliminating scammers".  How would a professional, who is making magickal items or casting spells, have the TIME and ENERGY to do that? There wouldn't be enough hours in the day.  Anyone who has the time to police, most likely, is doing nothing BUT policing.  They are hypocrites showing the world that "Jane Doe" is BAD, but I'm GOOD.  Simply stated:  They don't want the competition that legitimate magickal professionals bring.  Smear campaigns make the smearer look bad, not the smearee.

6.  No Proof of Spell Casting.  Don't trust a professional caster who does not offer you a proof of  casting option in one form or another.  My great grandmother's clients were local and regional so they were able to sit with her during the ritual if they wished.  Today, clients who use online services don't have that luxury, yet we have other luxuries that can be just as valuable.  Not all clients want proof of casting since identifiable information on them is recorded.  However, many do.  That's why a spell caster should offer this proof.  Good methods of proof are audio recordings, video recordings or digital, time-stamped pictures.  We offer proof of casting to our clients at NO additional charge.  And in case you're wondering . . . having a video cam or audio recorder in the room does not taint the spell process.

7.  Cheap Spells.  Don't trust a caster who offers cheap spells.  These are scam sites. People always ask me why I charge so much for my spells.  Well, here's why ~  No one could cast a successful 
spell for $30.  Maybeyou could throw together $30 worth of used items from around the house and cast one for yourself.  But do you want a spell caster do that for your work? A professional spell MEANS professionally performed.  A spell for $30 would not be professionally done.  Supplies, alone, are much more than that.  I can't imaginecasting a professional spell for less than $300 - which includes the cost of my supplies, your supplies and my time.   And if you check the items I send to the client, you will see that everything is of the highest quality.  Generally, cheap spells are just that - cheap.  Either never cast or not cast properly.  You get what you pay for.

8.  100 Percent Results, Guaranteed.  Avoid anyone who guarantees results.  That is absolutely laughable in any profession.  Nobody anywhere can guarantee results on anything.  That is your immediate red flag to look elsewherefor an honest professional.  Nobody is 100 percent.  Nobody is God period.

9.  The Impossible!  Don't place your trust in someone who claims to do the impossible.  Bringing the dead back to life.  A celebrity knock at your door with a marriage proposal.  Losing 100 lbs. in 30 days.  Turning you into a vampire.  Manifesting a dragon or unicorn.  These claims are ridiculous and impossible.

10.  Black Magick.  Never go to a caster who practices black magic. There is ALWAYS a way to handle matters ethically, so everyone involved is happy, safe and healthy.   There is NEVER a need to cause an innocent person (or an animal) heartache or injury even if they are on the opposing side.   A spell professional who causes an innocent person heartache or injury will do the same to you if you don't give in to extortion or blackmail.
(Note: I said an innocent person because I practice Grey Magick which can harm when necessary - such as justice, protection or defense.  And I NEVER hesitate to do so WHEN necessary.)

11.  Make Him Love You No Matter What! You often hear folks who practice New Age Magick say that they only practice "white magick" because they refuse to "bend the will "of others.  And I commend them for their ethical qualities.  But, frankly, bending the will of others is impossible. You cannot make someone love you who is completely closed to the idea of loving you.  That's not how love spells work.  Spells can soften and awaken true 
love, stir emotions, cause the other person to see your perspective, bring total strangers together who otherwise wouldn't meet and safely dissolve difficult obstacles.  But the subject of the spell work has to be open to the idea of falling in love for the spell to be successful.  How do you know if the subject is open to love?  Ask your spell caster.  Regardless of your spell caster's magickal tradition, he or she should know precisely how to determine that without hesitation.

12.  Unreal Feel.  Scam sites normally look like this:  "Madame Zooha Mooha knows all, sees all."  This is followed by a bunch of ridiculous claims or generic "buy one, get one free" spells.  They also "feel" unreal.  No real picture of the person you'll be working with - usually a phoney picture of a Voodoo Queen, grandmother-type figure or a gorgeous model.  No blog.  No real interaction.  And so are similar sites.  An example of this is when you do a search, 20 similar sites come up, all with something slightly different.  Madame Zooha Mooha might have one site.  Similar content is on the next site entitled "Find Your Soulmate In An Instant".  And the list goes on to 18 others with similar content, but different names and background colors.  The sites I described are run by the same person.  The goal is 
to take your money, shut down quickly after only a few months and reopen under the same modus operandi  No spell is ever cast.  They're scam sites.

13.  Free & Short-Running Websites.  Never use a free website, or a spell caster with a free email address (yahoo, gmail, etc.)  The email address should be attached to a domain name.  And check to see how long a site has been active.  If it's less than one year, you may want to search for a longer-running site.  Most scam sites stay around from six to twelve months.  Some as long as two years.  Rarely longer but there are exceptions.  These scammers try to 
take as many clients as possible then dismantle their sites and start all over again.  You could check how long a site has been running by a "WhoIs Lookup" through Google.  Moonlight Enchantments has been online since 2005.

14.  Bogus Physical Addresses.  Don't believe, for one moment, that a psychic or a spell caster who is working onlinemust provide a physical address to be real.  On scam sites, these psychic/spell casters list an office address that is totally bogus.  The reason for working on the internet is to attract a large number of people by working anonymously.  You certainly can be legitimate and anonymous.  In this day and age, anyone who would willingly 
provide private, identifiable information online is taking a very high risk.  Most of us work out of our homes and have families to protect.  It would be dangerous and foolish to provide home addresses online.  Psychics/spell casters whodo, I could guarantee, are giving you a false address, because nobody in their proper mind would risk their safety in that regard.

15.  Fake awards.   Oh, there are many out there who claim to have gotten awards from spell casting associations, guilds, organizations, etc.  I tried, in 2007, to put together a group of ethical spell casters.  It was nearly impossible, and I ended up with membership applications from just family members and a few personal friends.  (So Sacred Chants Spell Casting Society consists of my aunt, two cousins and three personal friends who practice magick.) I 
found out quickly that this type of profession is very secretive and private.  Most clients see spell casters anonymously so there's no way for a group to monitor the process of a professional spell caster.  And the magickal profession, as a whole, is a loosely knit community with professionals having no real ties to each other.  So claims of 
large groups of people coming together to vote on the best spell caster are bogus.  Award ceremonies - bogus.  Newspaper clippings about these awards - bogus.   There was only one group that I know of that gave fair yearly awards, NOT to spell casters but to Magickal Shoppes in general.  They reviewed us several times when I had a physical shoppe, and they included online shoppe reviews, too, if the physical shoppe "spilled over" to the internet.  
But if I'm remembering correctly, even the online aspect of the shoppe had to be present for a certain length of time.  Now they did write reviews on psychics, spell professionals, reiki healers and so on in their newsletter but those were reviews only- not awards.  They did not give awards for best in any of those fields because it's impossible to monitor.  Obviously, some shoppe owners were also spell casters and psychic readers, but that was not the focus of their investigation or the nature of their yearly award.  The focus was the Shoppe, itself.  The items sold, the professionalism, customer reviews, etc.  Things they could see and monitor.  They have since disassembled.  But nobody has ever given awards to psychics for "Best Psychic" or to spell casters for "Best Spell Casters".  Only New Age or Magickal Shoppes.

16.  Western Union.  Pay Pal is the safest way to make and accept payments.  Pay Pal verifies online sellers throughseveral different means - including location, business tax identification and bank information - to make sure the person is real.  You don't have that same protection and verification with Western Union.

But Also Keep In Mind ~

17.  Shouldn't You Be Working For Free?  Don't consider the possibility that a legitimate spell caster "shouldn't charge for their services".   There is a new, white magickal tradition that started in the 1950s and gained huge popularity in 1970s.  That very noble tradition has kind of "hijacked" magick.  As a result, there is total and complete misconception of true (original) magick and its purpose.  I'm not condemning or criticizing anyone who wishes to 
follow the White New Age concept of magick but it's just not accurate to History.  And someone's opinion or belief cannot change history. It's not immoral to charge a fee for work performed, supplies needed, and services rendered.  Restaurant owners don't give away meals for free.  Doctors don't treat patients for free.  We all must earn a living and respect the time, energy, talents and efforts of others.  Druids charged for their services.  In ancient 
Rome, there were spell & magick shoppes on every corner.  Every village had a wiseman or woman in every continent of the world.  And in my family, I can verify back six generations of professional spell casters, tarot readers and magickal practitioners.  Professional spell casters and magickal practitioners have been charging for their services since the beginning of time.  That's the history of magick.  This could be easily verified by reading a book 
prior to 1950.

18.  Failure Does Not Equal Scam - Two Separate Things.  Don't believe all professional spell casters are scammers because you had a bad experience with one or two.  If a spell doesn't manifest, that doesn't necessarily mean you were scammed.  Spell casters are human beings.  We know how to harness energy and mold it to a specific goal.  But we are not God, and  there are times when that process fails for various reasons.  Even spell professionals with 
the very highest success rates have their share of failures.  Like a doctor cannot guarantee a surgery will be successful, and a lawyer cannot guarantee the outcome of a trial, a spell caster cannot guarantee that you will receive the exact results you requested.  Remember that God has the final word, and you will receive precisely what's in your best interest.

19.  Know The Basics.  Have a basic understanding of magick before working with any spell caster.  Don't come into it with the illusion that magick should work in an instant or that real magicians are similar to those depicted in Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings.  That's fiction.  Real life magick is much different.  If a potential client comes to me saying that he or she tried 100 spell casters, went broke in the process and was scammed by each one, that's MY 
red flag.  Either the person has unrealistic expectations or an emotional problem that requires assistance by a non-magickal professional.  If you have to choose between paying your rent or buying a spell, pay your rent.

And last but not least . . .

20.   Think Before Speaking.  Be very careful who you accuse of being a con artist.  There are many scammers out there but there are some honest magickal professionals as well.  The last thing you want to do is call a powerful, ethical spell caster a fraud if he or she truly isn't.  You may wake up as a "toad" with a whole "pond full" of bad luck.  :)

Spell Casting is not sinful or unethical.  It's the movement of God-given, natural, earthly energy to meet an end.  It is presented to God with God having the final authority.  Magick can certainly be misused as anything else.  That's whyit's important to always know your source.  Ask questions.  Read feedback.  Study the person.  And only go to someone you trust.

Written & Posted by Autumn Mist                                                                     
Originally Published October 2007
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