Holiday Schedule & Revisions Update

We will be closed July 4 through July 8, returning on Monday, July 9. While we're away,
there will be no emergency services, and nobody will be available to read or respond to email.
BUT . . . You could still order services and products while we're away!  We will book your 
services and ship your products upon our return.  If you message during the break, we will
respond early next week. 

The Magical Items Section of the website is finished except for two pages - Earrings and
Perfumed Paper.  Those pages will be completed soon.   Feel free to browse, 
inquire, and order.   There's a special note on most pages for our lovely gentlemen
customers, as most products could be customized for guys!  Many of our prices have
been reduced, and there have been some changes.

Also, we are slowly dismantling inactive pages that do not reflect up-to-date pricing and/or
items since our major revision.  Only active pages are linked to the website.  All active pages
include pay buttons that have a Terms and Condition of Sale box you must click before 
purchasing.  If you run across one of our inactive pages somewhere on the internet (that 
does not include a terms box) and purchase through it, we will refund your money and 
direct you to our active listings so you can purchase there.  

Some people are asking about the sections that were included on the website before but are 
now gone.  Since we've decided to separate things a bit to avoid clutter and confusion, 
we're giving some things their own space on the web.   We will be sending emails next week 
regarding the "missing" sections of the website and how to find them.  :)

September/October Specials will be posted the end of August.  

Wishing everyone a fun and safe holiday!  We'll see you after the 9th!

Love and Blessings to all!  


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