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Love Potion No. 9

Saturday, September 8 - 

We are making LOVE POTION NO. 9 tomorrow, Sunday, September 9. Be sure to order your 2018 bottle. Extremely beautifully scented and a free gift will accompany every order this year. 

Love Potion No. 9 ~ Fall Specials

Thank you!

Internet - Weekend Emergency Readings

Friends, we are having issues with spotty internet, probably due to storms and winds in the area. There will be no emergency readings this weekend due to this. Hopefully, the internet will be more stable by Monday.

Thank you!

Due to the recent computer updates, we're having some technical issues. We may be offline for a short while on tomorrow, Tuesday, August 28. But we may have things resolved by then! So this is just a short message letting you know there may be a delayed response time if you email on Tuesday.

Thank you!

Thursday, August 23

Thursday, August 23 -

We will be updating our computers on Thursday, August 23. Therefore, there will be NO emergency readings the rest of the week (please order regular service), and we will NOT be able to read or respond to emails or orders on Thursday.  We will be back online on Friday, August 24, and will respond to email and orders at that time. So we have a day to catch up, emergency readings will resume on Monday, August 27.

Thank you!

September/October Pre-Orders Open Now!

We're currently accepting Pre-Orders for our September-October Specials.

This year, we separated the specials to make it easier to view and order! There are NINE separate pages with grouped specials and info, so please view them all.

Questions?  Please contact us!

This Weekend ...


If you have an emergency that can't wait until Monday, Jarle could help you.
He will be performing emergency readings this weekend.

Have a great weekend!

Emergency Readings


There are no emergency email, specialty or live readings Wednesday, July 11, through Sunday, July 15.  

Please order regular service until Monday, July 16, when emergency readings will resume.

Thank you!!

Holiday Schedule & Revisions Update

We will be closed July 4 through July 8, returning on Monday, July 9. While we're away,
there will be no emergency services, and nobody will be available to read or respond to email.
BUT . . . You could still order services and products while we're away!  We will book your 
services and ship your products upon our return.  If you message during the break, we will
respond early next week. 

The Magical Items Section of the website is finished except for two pages - Earrings and
Perfumed Paper.  Those pages will be completed soon.   Feel free to browse, 
inquire, and order.   There's a special note on most pages for our lovely gentlemen
customers, as most products could be customized for guys!  Many of our prices have
been reduced, and there have been some changes.

Also, we are slowly dismantling inactive pages that do not reflect up-to-date pricing and/or
items since our major revision.  Only active pages are linked to the website.  All active pages
include pay buttons that have a Terms…
We are in the process of updating the website.  The "Psychic Reading" and "Spell Casting" 
sections are complete.  We're still working on the Magickal Items section.

We made the website less cluttered and easier to use and navigate so your ordering process can 
be smooth and efficient.

Some services and products are no longer available. It will take us a while to dismantle the pages 
and pay buttons with the inactive services and products.  However, they are not directly linked to 
the active pages of the site. If you happen to order a service or product that's no longer offered, 
we will refund your money. The new buttons have a Terms of Sale checkbox that must be 
applied before you can complete the order.

The "Magickal Items" section will be completed soon, and seasonal specials will be up some time 
in August.

If you have any questions, please email us.  Established clients may email us directly.  Everyone 
else can follow the contact link above.

Many Bles…