18 November 2017

Thanksgiving Schedule

Friends ~

Moonlight Enchantments will be closed on Wednesday, November 22, and Thursday, November 23, for Thanksgiving.  You may still order services and products while we're off, and we'll process your orders upon our return.

On Black Friday at Midnight EST, our Four-Day Cyber Sale Event Specials will be posted on the website.  Customer Care will be available all weekend to process orders.

Autumn Mist and Christian Santini will be back on Tuesday, November 28.  Jarle Olsen will be working Friday through Monday, and he will be performing spellwork during our off days. 

There will be no emergency email or live readings until November 28.  Please order regular service until then. 

Questions?  Please email us.

Have a beautiful, safe, happy Thanksgiving!!

14 November 2017

Friends ~

Autumn Mist is off sick Tuesday, November 14.  She may be off Wednesday, depending.  Email readings that are scheduled for this week will be completed at the end of the week.  Emergency readings will still be accepted and completed first upon her return.  So if you order emergency service Tuesday or Wednesday, you could expect your results on Wednesday or Thursday.   However, if you'd prefer to order regular service, feel free and Customer Care will contact you letting you know when to expect results.  Spells will continue on schedule as Jarle Olsen will be taking over until Autumn returns. 

Thank you!


13 November 2017

~ Third Notice ~

Friends ~

Hello! This is our third notice with the first posted on our blog September 10.  In September, we started using our new spell methods, and it's been incredibly successful!  The new spell method is basically the old one enchanced and improved.  Since we changed our method, the spell packages have been revised to reflect this.  Everything is more convenient for everyone, and we've even been able to reduce the prices on our Supreme Spells! 

By January 2018, we want to complete any and all work from previously purchased spell packages - such as included psychic readings, energy updates, booster spells, etc.  Therefore, if you bought a spell package prior to September 2017, and we owe you readings, energy updates, booster spells or anything else included with that spell package, please request what is owed to you on or before December 15. After that date, anything owed will not be honored.  Also note that our schedule can fill up quickly and we will be closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas - so please book as soon as possible.

Again, December 15 is the offical "expiration date" for all outstanding service requests on spell package items ordered before September 2017.  This is the third notice posted.  We will post another notice in the upcoming weeks regarding this.

NOTE: The expiration date does not include full-moon spells, enhancement spells, and super booster spells that were included for one year.  Everything else (readings, energy updates, etc.) will expire December 15 if not ordered before then.  To make things easy for Customer Care who will be archieving the old spell service records, there will be no exceptions.  

Thank you.