06 February 2016


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Sunday, February 7  (Happy Birthday, Papa.) ~
Waning Moon, Fourth Quarter  
Color: Yellow
Gem/Stone: Chalcedony
Moon Sign: Capricorn, Entering Aquarius at 12:59 a.m. EST.
Incense: Frankincense
Intention: Banishing Technical Problems
Tarot: Eight of Pentacles
Numbers: 33 & 90
Prayer: Hail Mary
Sabbat/Holiday:  Full Moon Poya 


Monday, February 8 ~
Waxing Moon, Fourth Quarter, Entering New Moon at 9:39 a.m. EST.
Color: Silver
Gem/Stone: Hawk's Eye
Moon Sign: Aquarius
Incense: Neroli
Intention: Body Detoxification
Tarot: The Empress
Numbers: 19 & 77
Prayer: Prayer To Saint Anne
Sabbat/Holiday: Chinese New Year (Monkey)


Tuesday, February 9 ~
Waxing Moon, First Quarter
Color: Maroon
Gem/Stone:  Fire Opal
Moon Sign: Aquarius, Entering Pisces at 3:31 a.m. EST
Incense: Cinnamon
Intention:  Psychic Dreams
Tarot: Five of Cups
Numbers: 1 & 12
Prayer: The Rosary
Sabbat/Holiday: Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)


Wednesday, February 10  ~
Waxing Moon, Fist Quarter
Color: Yellow
Gem/Stone: Jade
Moon Sign: Pisces
Incense: Honeysuckle
Intention:  Dreams To Your Love
Tarot: The Chariot
Numbers: 8 & 75
Prayer:  The Rosary (Second Day)
Sabbat/Holiday: Ash Wednesday (Catholic/Christian)


Thursday, February 11 ~
Waxing Moon,  First Quarter
Color: Green
Gem/Stone: Howlite
Moon Sign: Pisces, Entering Aries at 4:55 a.m. EST.
Incense: Clove
Intention: Finishing Pending Projects
Tarot: Strength
Numbers: 11 & 18
Prayer: To Saint Peter
Sabbat/Holiday: Foundation Day (Japanese)  


Friday, February 12 ~
Waxing Moon, First Quarter
Color: White 
Gem/Stone: Mystic Topez
Moon Sign: Aries
Incense: White
Intention: Creative Inspiration
Tarot: The Sun
Numbers: 14 & 55
Prayer: The Lord's Prayer
Sabbat/Holiday: Lincoln's Birthday


Saturday, February 13 ~
Waxing Moon, First Quarter
Color: Gray
Gem/Stone: Mother of Pearl
Moon Sign:  Aries, Entering Taurus at 6:36 a.m. EST.
Incense: Rue
Intention: Home Improvements
Tarot: Three of Cups
Numbers: 2 & 19 
Prayer: Prayer To Saint Nicolas
Sabbat/Holiday:  Parentalia (Roman)

03 February 2016


Everything in the Enchanted Jewelry section is 35 percent off until February 15. Many items are limited so if you're interested, please act quickly. Free shipping on most items. Read each page very carefully. Thank you!

Everything in the Charmed Object section is 25 percent off until February 15. Many items are limited so if you're interested, please act quickly. Free shipping on most items. Read each page very carefully. Thank you!


A bit about Saint Blaise ~
He lived in the 4th Century and was born into a rich, Christian family. He was a physican and a bishop. He fled the city and lived in harmony and peace in the wilderness where he healed sick animals. He also saved a choking boy who had a fish bone caught in his throat, which caused him to be known as the patron of throat problems. In 316, he was murdered by pagans because of his religion beliefs.

Ask him for intercession for any throat issues - to prevent choking, throat cancer, and to cure and prevent throat infections. (You need not be Christian to ask for intercession.)

In Your Dreams . . . Jealousy

In Your Dreams . . . Jealousy

If you dream you're jealous, that means that you're harboring those feelings in your waking life.  You should look closely at your self-esteem and see what's lacking.  To dream you are jealous of your spouse or partner indicates people close to you are secretly wishing you ill will.  To be the target of somebody else's jealousy suggests you will meet with hostility from an unexpected source.  You will overcome it and things will work out to your advantage.  To dream a spouse or partner is unfaithful means that your relationship needs special care and attention.

Note ~ Dreams are often warnings and should be treated as such.  If you dream of something unpleasant, this means you still have a chance to alter it in reality.  Pay attentions to the signs and adjust accordingly.

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02 February 2016

HAUNTED PHOTOS Cemetery Series - For Sale!

By Professional Artist & Writer, C.P. Zephta

Not on the site yet!

These authentic photos were recently taken at a beautiful, old, local cemetery. This cemetery is active by the living and the dead. Every day, dozens of people visit for walks, jogs, biking, and skating. People walk their dogs and babies. And some even take blankets and lawn chairs and sit and speak to their loved ones. Ghost hunters visit most evenings. And spirit sightings and unexplained events happen often. Ironically, there has never been any vandalism, damage, or negative happenings at this beloved cemetery. Only good fortune, love, and life in the midst of death.

Photo prints are $25 each plus $3 shipping within the U.S. Free shipping on two prints or more. International rates vary so please email us with your country and we'll give you a rate. Prints are 8x11 on glossed photo paper or laminated cardstock - whichever you prefer. Please allow up to seven days for photos to be shipped. Watermarked will be removed on your copy, of course.

Since the photos are not on the site yet, to order, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with the picture number(s), your PayPal email address, your mailing address, and your print preference (photo gloss or lamination).

Thank you!

31 January 2016

Pre-February, One-Day Sale Upon A Sale!

SHINE SPELL GLOSS - Pre-February Sale Special! One Day Only At This Price!


SHINE is beauty charm lip gloss . . .
it allows you to look beautiful and radiant. This is a
consecrated Spell gloss works as an illusion. Within minutes of
applying it, your lips will glisten with enchanted magick so
everyone will see you in an attractive way! It can be worn under or above lipstick, 
or it could be worn alone. It is a magnet for the
opposite sex and a tool of envy for the same sex! Illusion results
last approximately two hours after application and can be
immediately reapplied. Allow nobody to use your secret gloss but
feel free to share the knowledge with others!

Natural & Cruelty-Free! Wear Alone Or With Lipstick. Very
Creamy & Creates A Subtle, Magickal, Sexy Shine On Your Lips.
Application Color Is Clear For Original, Vanilla & Peppermint.
Lightly Tinted Pink For Cherry and Lightly Tinted Blue For Blue
Raspberry. It Won't Interfere With Your Lipstick!

Comes to you Magickally Charged, bagged & tied in a pretty Pixie
Pouch with instructions for magickal use!

So smooth and silky! I wear either Cherry or Blue Raspberry every day myself!


Blue Raspberry

Normally priced at $18 plus shipping. February price is $15 plus shipping. Today ONLY $12 plus free shipping within the U.S. if you order 2 or more. If you order one, shipping within the U.S. is $4. International shipping rates vary so please email us with your location for prices. Special Price offer good until 11 p.m. EST tonight!

To order at this special rate, please email CustomerCare@MoonlightEnchantments.com with your flavors, mailing adress if it differs from the address on your PayPal account, and your PayPal email address. Glosses will be shipped out this week.

SHINE Spell Gloss®
Created & Published by Moonlight Enchantments
© 2005 - 2016 Moonlight Enchantments LLC
ISBN: 9781937156177

Note: This is do-it-yourself magick. These are items that are sold individually. I create the item with the proper magickally charged ingredients, tools, colors, etc. so it's conducive with meeting your goal. I also consecrate the item for your use, but that's only half of the process. The most important part is in your hands. The magick projected by the item (and from it) comes directly from you. The goal is set by you, and the magick is released by you. Whether the magick is working or not may or may not be determined by someone's reaction to you. The people will around you may feel the magick and view you differently but may not verbally express it. Some may intensely verbally express their pleasure upon seeing you. It depends upon the personalities of the people you're effecting with the magick. Yet, whether this gloss works or not shouldn't be judged by whether you receive compliments upon wearing it. Magick is deeper than verbal compliments. If you want something more powerful, please order one of my professional spell packages which are created and cast by me on your behalf.