09 April 2016

Christian Folk Magick To Do Yourself ~

St. Anthony Love Spell To Find A Spouse ~

Do this in addition to any spell work in place or spell work you're planning to do in the future.

Describe your perfect mate on a piece of spell paper, place a blessed metal of Saint Anthony on top of the paper, fold it in three, tie it with a red magickal ribbon, and bring it to a Catholic Church on June 13.  Hide it somewhere in the Church were it cannot be found.  Starting that day, pray any nine-day novena to Saint Anthony while lighting an annointed white spell candle for at least an hour each day.  According to folklore, you will be engaged within the year.

Spell To Ease Heartbreak ~

Light an annointed pink spell candle in front an image of the Blessed Mother.  Recite Psalms 57:5-10 three times in a row.

"Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens; let thy glory be above all the earth.
 They have prepared a net for my steps; my soul is bowed down: they have digged a pit before me, into the midst  whereof they are fallen themselves. Selah.
 My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.
 Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early.
 I will praise thee, O Lord, among the people: I will sing unto thee among the nations.
 For thy mercy is great unto the heavens, and thy truth unto the clouds."

Allow the candle to burn down.  

Quick Spell For Needed Money ~

This is to gain urgently needed money quickly.  It's not designed to gain $250,000 within a week.  The idea would be an emergency or unexpected debt - like $400 for a car repair or the last $200 towards your rent.  

Annoint a green spell candle and light it in front of an image of St. Jude.  Write the exact number you need on a piece of spell paper and place it close to the candle. Repeat the amount 13 times in a row, and ask St. Jude to bring it to you quickly.  Thank him.  Allow the candle to burn down. 

A Divination Dream Spell To See Your Future Husband ~

Three hours before bed, light an annointed blue spell candle in front of an image of St. Lucy.  
Recite 13 times ~ 

"Saint Lucy, let me see the man who will marry me." 

Allow the candle to burn.  The last thing you should do before getting into bed is extinguish the candle.  

If you don't dream of him that night, continue the spell every night until you do.

Note:  The words on the St. Lucy Divination Spell are mine and not to be reused without my permission.  The other spells are not mine.  They're Christian Folk Spells that have been used in Europe for well over 1,000 years.  

Use usual fire safety rules when working with candles.  

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