01 November 2015

Brief Announcements ~

Friends ~
There will be no Magickal Correspondences for this week since we're still extremely busy tying up loose ends from Samhain. The Magickal Correspondences will resume the week of the 23rd.
Also, if we we owe you something from October - either a spell kit, spell candle, or proof of spell casting, please read on.
We consecrated all spell kits and created proof of casting (if requested) during your spell casting process. The Samhain Year-Round Spell Candles were made on Halloween day and consecrated Halloween night. Everything is ready to go. The spell kits and candles will be packed over the next two days and shipped over the following three-day period. Please expect to receive them next week or the week after, depending upon where you live. If you're out of the country, it may take longer for your items to clear Custom. If you requested free proof of spell casting, your video, audio, and/or pictures will be sent when Customer Care has time among their other duties. Since October is our busiest month, there are many more videos, audio, and pictures than usual for them to sort through. Your patience is appreciated.
Lastly, there will be super inexpensive, unique specials posted for the four-day weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Reminders to follow.
Thank you! Many Blessings & Good Night!